Review for Football Dick by Violet Blaze

Why on earth would any woman want to win a date with Rhoden Richards, the star quarterback of the NFL's Arcata Adders?

    He's a complete and total d*ck with a stupid (and totally inappropriate) nickname.  Besides, we've all heard the rumors about the women and the parties, all seen his outrageous victory dances on the field.  He's close enough to getting kicked off the team without adding yet another scandal to his roster.

    An affair with the daughter of the team's owner would rank pretty high on that list.

    Especially if she was already engaged (against her will) to the man her father would sell the team to.

    Or if he got her pregnant.
    Especially that.

Della Garland is the daughter of corporate giant CEO, Reuben Garland, the owner of the NFL team, the Arcata Adders.  When she inadvertently ends up winning the grand prize for a charity event, she finds herself on a date with one of the hottest players in football—and in the bedroom.  Rhoden Richards is an animal of a man with an enigmatic smile and a back etched in tattoos, a bad boy that Della can't help but be drawn to.
    But Della's father has other plans for her, plans that will not only keep the family fortune from falling apart, but that will also keep Rhoden from losing his place on the team.  When her promised fiancé buys the Adders from Della's father, they both find themselves at risk of losing everything.
    Rhoden knows he should let Della go, but he doesn't know about the pregnancy she's hiding from all of them.  If he did, would he be able to walk away from the only woman he's ever loved?
    Della knows she should tell Rhoden about the baby, but bad boys don't change, and a child is forever.  She could keep the secret to herself and stay with her soon-to-be husband … or she could take a chance.

Kim's Review

Violet Blaze's "Football Dick" is a great read. Della Garland is the daughter of the Arcata Adders owner. She's plus size so her model stepmother and stepsisters never live it down. They treat her horribly and have pretty much set her up to have an arranged marriage since they think no one will want her as she is. She writes a blog online about people loving who they are in their own skin. She's at one of the football games when her name is called as the winner of a date with the QB of the team, only she didn't buy the raffle tickets for the charity date, her best friend did with her credit card. One of her stepsisters likes her and takes her to a party, but not just any party, a masquerade with masks. She picks a mask and goes into the party to have some fun, little does she know that one night will change everything. Can a plus size girl have her happily ever after, or will she be forced to marry someone she doesn't love? Find out in this must read!!!

5 out of 5 stars

Violet Blaze is the best friend you've always wanted, but still love to hate. She embarrasses you at dinner and flatters you at the club. And you're pretty sure her ugly little dog is a 'poochon', even if you have no idea what that means (it's a mix between a Bichon Frise and a Poodle, just in case you wanted to know).
A California native, Miss Blaze loves the good ol' US of A, and enjoys dressing up in its stars and stripes. She lives in a house with bright pink walls, a chair shaped like a shoe, and a cat named Miranda Rose. Violet's been reading all of her life (often while drinking brightly colored cocktails); her favorite thing about books is that she gets to watch people fall in love over and over again. Really, who doesn't? And if she wasn't a writer, it's likely Violet Blaze would be a pop star who wore too much make up and wore too little clothing.
This raging feminist likes writing books about strong women and strong men who aren't afraid to express themselves (oftentimes in the bedroom). She hopes you'll join her in reading her debut novel, Stepbrother Inked, and wants to hear your thoughts, questions, and favorite quotes @IAmVioletBlaze #stepbrotherinked or #stepbrotherthief.


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