Review for A Very Werey Christmas

Shifters * Mistletoe * Hot Alphas
R.M. Gilmore - Becca Lee - Ashlea Rhodes
C.C. Wood - Aimie Jennison - Dahlia Donovan
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Shifters, mistletoe, and a whole lot of alpha heat are just waiting to be discovered.

Join the pack and explore six new paranormal worlds as the weres determine exactly what they need to fall in love or lust over the holidays.
A Hot Tree Publishing Anthology

Winter's Moon by R.M. Gilmore
Randy can guarantee the winter's moon will bring two things to her pack: fun and trouble. This year, she's not sure she's ready for either.

Pull of the Moon by Becca Lee
Cadence, alpha to the Denton Pack, isn’t looking for a mate, nor is she looking for trouble, but both arrive in the form of Dane. This Christmas, Cadence will discover just how far she's willing to go to protect what's hers.

Not Even a Mouse by Dahlia Donovan
This Christmas, feather-tailed glider shifter, Kat Strudwick, and the polar bear shifter, Declan Garett, discover true love where they'd believed only the hell of unrequited love existed.

Snow's Christmas Wish by Ashlea Rhodes
A chance encounter with a lone Vampire in a small town could lead to the fate Snow, a were on the run, had given up on. With magic in the air, can a Christmas wish come true for Snow and Ink?

The Witch and the Wolf by C.C. Wood
Candela wanted a distraction from her meddling family and found it in Blake. But will one night be enough for either of them?

Cure for Christmas by Aimie Jennison
Santa can't perform miracles, but Blake has a risky offer that could answer all of Caitlin's prayers. How far would you go when all hope is gone?

Shawna's Review

A Very Werey Christmas is a Collaboration of novellas by 6 Authors. This was a nice relaxing read you will definitely enjoy this Holiday Season. Just cuddle up in your blanket with this book and enjoy.

WINTER'S MOON is the first story in the book, by R.M. Gilmore. Randy is not only the pack alpha but she is also manages to only bar in town and when the full moon celebration starts she expects a bunch of rowdy wolves, but what she doesn't expect is trouble from within her own pack.... Or the feeling she gets for one of the new wolves in town.

PULL OF THE MOON is the second story in the book, by Becca Lee. The last thing Cadence wants is a mate or trouble but when a mysterious stranger pulls up all bets are off. Not only does this new, sexy stranger just happen to be her fated mate, he brings with him news that there is a traitor in her pack. Can Cadence balance new found love with her duty to her pack or will she be too distracted to find the traitor?

NOT EVEN A MOUSE by Dahlia Donovan, is the third story in this book. Kat Strudwick is a feather-tailed glider shifter who has been madly in love with a polar bear shifter named Declan Garett. The only problem is that Declan is also her brothers best friend and although she may not know it Declan knew they were mates and wanted her but because of her brother he never made a move. But that all ends this year when Declan decides he can no longer hold back.

SNOW'S CHRISTMAS WISH is a story by Ashlea Rhodes. When Snow turned down the mating request of one of the wolves in her pack she never dreamed she would come home to see her whole family murdered and her framed for the murders. Now on the run all she wants is a happy Christmas, but knows it will never happen. That is until she takes a job in town and has a chance encounter with a sexy vampire. The only thing stopping her now is the fact that the wolf she turned down has found her and plans on making her pay dearly for her refusal.

THE WITCH AND THE WOLF by C.C. Wood is the fifth story in the book and one of my favorites. Candela is a witch that, by her Aunts standards, is way past her prime and needs to finally get hitched. With her Aunt inviting over all the single males she knows Candela decides to get out of the house and away from the craziness. But what she doesn't plan on is meeting Blake, a sexy wolf who is trying his best to forget the horrible memories that plague him this time of year. What starts out as just a one night of them both forgetting the troubles in their life turns into something much more.

CURE FOR CHRISTMAS by Aimie Jennison Is the last story in the series. Blake has never found his true mate and is truly shocked when he finds her while Christmas shopping. He is even more shocked when he realizes that his mate as the smell of death on her. Knowing Caitlin is running out of time Blake does everything he can to win her over and hopefully give her a new leases on life.

Get a blanket, hot coco and snuggle up to read a A Very Werey Christmas, you wont be disappointed.

4 out of 5 stars



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