Review for Losing You by Gen Ryan

Author: Gen Ryan
Title: Losing You (Trade Me Collection)
Genre: Gay Romance
Release Date: January 28, 2017
Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing
Cover Artist: Soxsational Cover Art
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After a tragic accident, aspiring pro-surfer Brad Morris, leaves his hometown of California to try to forget his pain. Unable to swim or surf since his loss, he focuses on a new career as a car mechanic and restorer. After years of struggling, Brad finally agrees to get help and attempts to gain back the parts of himself he lost that day in the ocean.

Colton James gave his all to his partner, Ben, but his all wasn’t enough. Dumped after buying Ben’s dream home, he buries himself further in his career as a police officer. But when he meets Brad, all bets are off, and Colton begins to question what’s more important: a job, or the one you love?

Clouded by their pasts, will both men be able to see beyond those they lost in order to have a future together?

Hot Tree Publishing Exclusive M/M Romance Collection

Trade Me is a new genre-linked collection of 30,000 - 50,000 word novellas. With so many sexy trades to pant over, Trade Me stories offer heat, swoon-worthy men, and HEAs that will leave M/M romance lovers completely satisfied.

Kim's Review

Gen Ryan's "Losing You" is a part of the Trade Me Collection. Brad Morris moves across the country at 21 after a tragic loss. Brad is working as a mechanic on the east coast with one of his friends from middle school back in California. She helps him realize he needs professional help to grieve his loss and tells him where to go. The therapist gets him to go back in the water by teaching kids how to swim. One man picking up a little girl from class catches his eye. Colton James is a cop trying to make his boyfriend happy by working a ton of overtime to buy him his dream house. What he doesn't see coming is when Ben packs his bags and leaves after Colton gets him the house. Colton helps out his sister with her daughter sometimes since she and her husband are very busy professionals. Can a cop and surfer have something special, or will they lose themselves? Find out in this awesome read!!!

5 out of 5 stars

You can find Genevieve curled up reading paranormal romance and romantic thrillers, or frantically typing her stories on her laptop.

Psychology is her trade by day, teaching and molding the minds of college students. Her interest in psychology can be seen in her books, each including many psychological undertones. Although she loves teaching, her passion, her true love, lays in the stories that roam around her in head. Yes, they all come from her mind-the good, the bad, and the totally insane. 

She lives in Massachusetts-no not Boston-with her husband, daughter, and American Eskimo dog. With each story she shares, she hopes her love for writing and storytelling seeps through, encompassing the reader and leaving them wanting more.

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