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Thirty-seven years have passed since 'The Kid's' last abduction. He has moved back to his roots, found the 'love of his life', and retired into his dream world. It is only when he melts the mind blocks the abductor's had installed, that he discovers his abductions, his true identity, and the secrets behind his abductions.
 We now know who the abductors are and where they came from. Is his story reality or imagination? Or a blend of both? The answer may be hidden in this sequel as he finds himself in another dilemma.

Rejoin 'The Kid' in another incredible adventure filled with mystery, drama, action, romance, comedy, and more exhilarating plot twists.


 A blend of Total Recall and Close Encounters of the Third Kind.
Who are the abductors? Where do they come from? Where are they hiding? Do they even exist?

The answers are revealed in an intriguing adventure filled with mystery, a dash of romance, a pinch of comedy, many exhilarating plot twists, blended with a revelation that might shock and torment your reality. 
The 'Kid' learns how to melt the abductors memory blocks and discovers he is not who he thought he was. Join him on his incredible journey as he unravels the secrets behind his abductions and comes face to face with his abductors.

A compelling and amusing sci-fi/memoir curiosity" - Kirkus Reviews
"I am not a sci-fi fan, but this book fascinated me and held my interest from start to finish" - Caitlin
"Whether you believe in UFOs and aliens or not, this is a truly interesting story" - Pinky Pollock
"Hay is a fabulous storyteller. Rivals with the best sci-fi novels" - Zillie Carlson
"The true appeal and genius of this story is figuring out what is real and what is fiction". - Michala   

My Review of #1:

Thomas L. Hay's "An Abduction Revelation: The Comeback Kid Returns" is an interesting tale. You can read "The Comeback Kid: the memoirs of Thomas L. Hay" first, but I did not and it did not take away from my reading of this tale. It's so hard to write about this and not give anything away, but I will tell you that it is a page-turner and it has some great twists and turns. Could be the next "X-Files" movie easily. The summary says it's a "blend of Total Recall and Close Encounters of the Third Kind" and I would second that. Definitely has me thinking about the what ifs. Sorta like the creation scene in Prometheus.

4 out of 5 stars


Thomas (Tommy) L. Hay was raised in the Golden Valley town of Clinton, Missouri in the 1950's. He is retired from TWA/American Airlines. He enjoys golfing, fishing, writing, singing Karaoke, and telling stories. He currently resides in Lake Waukomis, Missouri with his lovely wife, Karen (the apple of his eye), some hyperactive squirrels, too many irritating geese, and a few cranky old catfish. 

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