Review for Sin by Patrick Reuman

Ryan’s relationship is already on the brink when a woman goes missing in the small town of Bakerstand. With the whole town on high-alert, he refuses to let this dead city kill what’s left of his relationship. But, a house in the woods may hold a deadlier fate than the town ever could.

My Review

Patrick Reuman's "Sin" is a horror/thriller. This is not my usual genre, but very interesting. Would make a good X-Files episode. Or maybe a cross between "Outcast" and "Cabin in the Woods." Feels like a reconceptualization of an Edgar Allen Poe story. This author's writing is getting more and more refined with each publication.

4 out of 5 stars


Patrick Reuman is a writer and currently in college to study biotechnology. He has been writing ever since he was 16 when a school assignment pushed his imagination toward creating his own stories. He has one child, a son, named Aidan. He hopes to continue chasing his dreams of writing while pursuing a future in science.


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