Review for Styled by Piper Lawson

A refreshing, smart and steamy full-length contemporary romance from BESTSELLING AUTHOR Piper Lawson!

I have a type: Tall. Blond. Awkward as hell.

Yeah, my type is me. Because I’m better off spending my time alone than with a guy.

That’s why I’m on an open-ended ticket to LA to find a new boutique for my fashion label, TRAVESTY. Not to find a rebound for the breakup I should’ve seen coming. 

I’m ready to forget all about dicks...Too bad Ethan Cameron sinks that dream before I get on the plane.

The gorgeous Westside realtor might be my business partner's brother, but he's the wrong guy to help us. Ethan's smug and self-centered, with a dentist’s-wet-dream smile. More women pass through the backseat of his car than through the doors of our SoHo boutique. 

He's also wrong for me. And the more he thinks he knows me, the more I need to prove he doesn't. 

I survived private school. Growing up with one parent. Dating a dick. I can survive one month with Ethan. But the more I get to know him, the more I realize he’s not the smooth yes-man he pretends to be. 

And that’s dangerous. 

For my business. For my friends. 

Maybe even for my heart.

Styled is a sexy dual POV romance about dreams, trust, and living without regrets. It's a standalone in the TRAVESTY series. If you like quick banter, smokin’ hot sex scenes, and characters that feel like they could be your friends? You’ll love Styled.

For a limited time a second bestselling steamy standalone is included with Styled. Styled will end and PLAY will start at about 50% on your device. Enjoy!

Kim's Review

Piper Lawson's "Styled" is the fourth tale in the Travesty series, but you can read it as a standalone, I did! Jordan goes to LA to help expand Travesty, a clothing store she shares with her 2 business partners, and friends. They send her to Ethan, one of their brothers who is a realtor in LA to help her find a space for their store. What she doesn't expect is the sexy, older man turning her eye. They fight themselves until they can't anymore. Is this just a fling while she's there, or is it more? Find out in this awesome read!!!

5 out of 5 stars

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I read and write stories where the girls aren’t doormats, the guys aren’t asshats, and secondary characters aren’t second-class citizens. A card-carrying millennial, I have two business degrees and zero hope of starting a fashion label (unlike my Travesty characters). I crave quirk the way some people crave kink, and believe life is too short not to do what—and who—you love.

My home base near Toronto, Canada is shared with my wonderful sig other. He's the perfect man because not only is he TDH (tall dark & handsome), he will beta read for me under duress. And really, that's what love is. Beta reading under duress. 

To my readers: I'm beyond grateful to you guys who make it possible for me to write. Thank you for buying my books. And inspiring me. And sending me wacky ideas. And telling me which cover you like...You're the reason I keep doing this.

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