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Exrated by Stevie J. Cole
Tyler Westbrook, better known as Johnny Depth, is taking the adult film industry by storm. With his playboy looks, it’s no surprise a few co-workers have attempted to take things off set and into the bedroom, but Tyler refuses to blur the lines between work and play…until the new assistant to the director walks in.

Jemma Morgan was recently fired from a lead role on a kid’s TV show that was supposed to be her big break. Unable to get another acting gig, she's accepted a job in an industry she never expected to be a part of. Although she anticipates being shocked her first few days on set, nothing could prepare her for the moment she's asked to hold the reflector as her ex-boyfriend plows through a woman like a Kansas cornfield.

In a world of lube and fake moans, is there a place for a second chance? Exes and some
serious ohs…the term ex-rated just took on a whole new meaning.

Exrated is a laugh-out-loud, full-length, standalone second chance romantic comedy. There is no cheating, no cliffhanger and involves an HEA romance. Porn stars need their happily ever after, too.


Kim's Review

Stevie J. Cole's "Exrated" is a great read. This book had me laughing throughout it. In parts I nearly peed my pants I was laughing so hard. The end is EPIC. I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe, literally. Jemma Morgan is living in LA as a kid's TV show character of Elsa, but is fired when a sex tape of her and her ex-boyfriend is posted online. Someone hacked the cloud and posted it and no one knows who. Tyler Westbrook is a male stripper in LA after he failed out of NYU and losing his scholarship. He decides to start doing porn for the huge money. Jemma keeps losing menial jobs because of the sex tape after she loses her acting job. Her agent keeps trying to find her work with no success. After losing her last waitress job, her roommate and best friend convinces her to go out for the evening. They end up and the Lotus House dancing and drinking the night away. The girls are dancing when someone comes up behind Jemma and her roommate says he's hot, little does she know who is behind her. When she turns around her world stops. Tyler, the man who broke her heart when she was 18 is behind her. She can't take it and makes a run for it. Tyler sees Jemma run and goes after her. She was the one who got away. Heather, Jemma's roommate ends up hooking up with Tyler's roommate Jake and they end up back and Tyler's house. From there tings change. They end up drunk and back in bed together. Can they make it work this time around? What is Tyler keeping from Jemma? Can their one night reunion turn into something more? Can she shake the sex tape stigma? Find out this and more in this MUST READ!!!

5 out of 5 stars


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