Review for Lightning Struck by Miranda Hardy

A powerful storm unleashes a raging war. Elysia Lovell’s mysterious heritage catches up with her, forcing her to go on the run once again. Grief-stricken and confused by her father’s disappearance, Elysia is led to a new place and discovers a family she never knew existed. Hiding her secret becomes increasingly difficult when her tumultuous emotions threaten to reveal her precarious gift. Colin Moore is reckless, impulsive, and entrenched in the family business: extorting townspeople and killing Roma. Tucked away in a small town, he didn’t expect a storm to blow in. An exotic new girl shakes his foundation and places him on a dangerous path, one that may get him killed by his own people. Elysia sees past Colin’s hard shell; Colin’s certain Elysia won’t understand who he really is, but the secrets they keep from one another have perilous consequences. Elysia’s quest for discovery and acceptance presses her to choose between revealing her true nature or letting her family die.

My Review

Miranda Hardy's "Lightning Struck" is the first tale in The Roaming Curse series. I couldn't put down this YA paranormal...and usually YA's just don't hold my interest. The mythology with the Roma and werewolves is very interesting. Elysia and her cousins sure have some neat backstories. I could almost hear the aunts talking. This would make a fun TV series. I can't wait to see what happens in the next book.

4.5 out of 5 stars


About the Author

Miranda Hardy writes children's literature to keep the voices in her head appeased. When she's not in her fantasy world, she's canoeing in alligator infested waters or rescuing homeless animals. She resides in south Florida with her two wonderful children, and too many animals to mention. 

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