Review for The Playboy's Secret Virgin by Tasha Fawkes & MS Parker

A hot shot billionaire playboy can be quite intimidating, especially for a plain Jane virgin like me. 

When the elevator doors open to my new boss glaring down at my disastrous coffee mishap on my first day at James Enterprises, the look of disgust on his handsomely chiseled face is menacing, knocking any hope for leaving him impressed right out the window. 

Or so I thought…

Later that night when I’m coerced by my newfound office friend to have a few drinks at the local jazz club, I catch Anthony James’ attention from across the room and sparks fly. I try to resist the temptation—why would he possibly be attracted to a simple girl like me—but Anthony James always gets what he wants… is he deserving enough of my virginity?

Kim's Review

Tasha Fawkes & MS Parker's "The Playboy's Secret Virgin" is a great read. Jane is the new assistant to Anthony James. She goes into work on her first day, only for her new boss to leave the building and her in the lurch. What she doesn't expect is to be rescued by him in a bar later that night. From there things change for both of them. Jane has ideas for the agency, and Anthony puts them into use. What happens when Anthony's dad finds out whose ideas for used in the campaign? Find out in this awesome read!!!

5 out of 5 stars


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