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By Joy Eileen
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McKenna Raine may be softball's awkward girl extraordinaire, but when she heard baseball's devilish star pitcher, Trip Butler, declare he would never marry, she responded, "You haven't met me yet."
In a seven year stretch, she still hasn't made it out of the bullpen to meet him, but the game's still on.
Just before McKenna hands in her softballs for good, Trip slides into the locker room as her new coach, making him completely out of reach, according to the playbook.
Then Trip shatters her game plan by being an insufferable ass, showing her he isn't her home run.
Or is he?
This may be the game she can't win.
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Kim's Review
Joy Eileen's "Balk" is a great read. This is one of my favorite books so far this year. Joy NEVER let's me down with her awesome writing/books. McKenna is a softball pitcher in high school. She got into sports to try to find something she was good at. She's been crushing on her favorite big league pitcher since middle school. One day she ends up in the bathroom, and what she finds changes things for her life, and her newest friend joins her family. She ends up at college with her new friend as her roommate with her daughter, since the dad has nothing to do with the daughter. She's getting her PHD in physical therapy and is on the softball team. What she doesn't expect is her new pitching coach... Trip Butler. Trip was injured in a car crash and is at his old college helping his old coach with her pitchers. what he doesn't expect is the backup pitcher wanting to throw balls... at him. He makes Kenna so angry she wants to get back at him somehow. This book had me laughing in so many places I nearly peed myself, multiple times. This book is a MUST READ!!!!!!
5 out of 5 stars



Joy Eileen


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