Review for His Virgin Bride by Grace Goodwin

His Virgin Bride

After a life on the streets, Katie chooses the Interstellar Brides Program for a chance at a new life, a new identity. But when she arrives on Everis, her Marked Mate refuses to claim her. As an Elite Hunter, Bryn has to travel to Hyperion, a known world of gangs and vicious evil to bring an assassin to justice, and leave her behind.

She might be innocent in body, but Katie knows her honorable mate is walking into a foreign world, a world she knows all too well. If she must seduce him, she will. If she must steal away on his ship and follow him to another world, she will. And if she must seduce the sexy-as-sin leader of the criminal legions they meet to save her mate? Well then, her innocence is a weapon, and she's not afraid to use it.

My Review

Grace Goodwin's "His Virgin Bride" is the second tale in the Interstellar Brides: The Virgins series, but you can read it as a standalone, I did. I do love these Interstellar Brides Program books from Grace Goodwin. They are have a similar kernal, but each one is different and special in its own way. I liked getting to meet some of the characters that will probably be in the next book. The sexy scenes were off the charts hot, as usual. Can't wait to read the next one!

4.5 out of 5 stars


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