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Promo for Confessions of a Carpool Captive by Dawn L. Chiletz

Title: Confessions of a Carpool CaptiveAuthor: Dawn L. ChiletzGenre: Romantic Comedy Release Date: March 24, 2017My name is Liz Foley. I love my accounting job because I’d rather deal with numbers than talk to people. My best traits:I have (RBF) Resting Bitch Face.I give snarky come-backs.I have no friends.My worst traits:I speak in run-on sentences when I get nervous.I’m attracted to assholes.I’m broke.Enter Finnigan Walsh – the new guy at work. His best traits:He’s kind of hot, I suppose.He has a working car.He sings to me and brings me coffee. Nothing ever gets to him, even when I add more people to our carpool.His worst traits:See aboveI don’t like him. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself. After all, it’s not about how fast you get there. It’s the journey. Right?Damn this carpool.You’d better buckle up.

Promo for Hook, Line & Sinker by Ev Bishop

Hook, Line & Sinker by Ev BishopIs “true love” a fairy tale?
Blurb:Brian Archer, lawyer and infamous playboy, returns to Greenridge after a long holiday to find his life in ashes. Literally. His condo has burned to the ground, and with it, his delusion that he’s a footloose, fancy-free guy who doesn’t secretly crave a home and a place to belong.  
Staying with his lovebird brother and sister-in-law at River’s Sigh B & B proves unbearable, only rubbing in his deep loneliness. As does getting to know one of the other guests, a damsel determined to get herself out of distress, without any help from him. What is it about sweet, troubled Katelyn that makes Brian want to go all knight-in-shining-armor? And why is he suddenly longing for things he doesn’t even believe in, like true love, marriage . . . ?
Single mom and wannabe entrepreneur Katelyn Kellerman needs to escape from Greenridge. Her safety, and that of her children, relies on it. Plus, she knows the hazards of trusting someon…

Chelle Bliss' Top Bottom Switch is Free!

FIRST TIME EVERONLY UNTIL SUNDAY... HURRY! ONE CLICK IT!Amazon.comInternational Amazon Sites      Ret North knows exactly who he is—a Dominant male with an insatiable sexual appetite. He’s always been a top, searching for his bottom…until a notorious switch catches his eye.
     Alese Kane has grown tired of her usual partners. She’s been watching Ret for months, wanting to run her tongue along his hard muscles. But his need for total control stops her.
     Ret worries that a relationship with Alese would be impossible, but his giant ego and even larger cock tell him otherwise. Unable to deny his attraction to her any longer, Ret convinces Alese to submit to him.
     When Ret dominates Alese, will she submit or will she top from the bottom?

Kim's Review
Chelle Bliss' "Top Bottom Switch" is a hot read. Ret is a Dom at a member's only BDSM club called The Club. He's sick and tired of the same subs and things. No one and nothing has been keeping his attention. H…

Promo for Losing Hope by Heidi Lis

Title: Losing HopeAuthor: Heidi LisGenre: Contemporary RomanceRelease Date: March 21, 2017Available on Kindle UnlimitedFor the last year and a half, you could sum up my life in one word…disastrous.One simple phone call was all it took to change my life forever.If I could go back and do it again, what would I change?Everything.It all hurts so much. The pain never ends.What should have been one of the best days of my life turned into the absolute worst.Blood. So much blood. Cast in a shadow that turns my days dark, and my nights even darker. Before I can put the pain of the past behind me, I need to fix what’s broken. The first step is believing it can be done, the second is forgiveness. But forgiveness doesn’t come easy, least of all for who is to blame. For every choice, there are consequences. Some good. Some bad. Some simply unforgivable. One poor choice made me the target of a sociopath. Laughter turns into tears. Tears turn into screams. And once again, I’m reminded just how c…