Review for Gilded Shadows by Stephanie J. Cress


The citizens in the city of Old Dominion live together in harmony, except for those of mixed race. The Sunfolk Church has decided the Mixed are second-class citizens because they cannot bear children. But through her research, Dela discovers they can, and the church will do anything to keep her quiet. They send an assassin who studies his targets until he finds his own reason to kill. But when it comes to Dela, the he cannot justify her execution. Caught up in Dela’s revolution, he falls in love, and questions his employers for the first time in his career. The assassin discovers the contract he made is unbreakable and not completing the job will still cost lives – Dela’s and his.

"In this upliftingly tragic fantasy novel an assassin is sent to kill a troublesome woman but he soon discovers that her only crime is possessing the secret that would grant her people equality."

My Review

Stephanie J. Cress' "Gilded Shadows" is a fantasy with some romantic elements. I love the mythology with the Earthfolk, Sunfolk, etc. The concept of mixed folks and the issues that surround being mixed is a great plot element! There are lots of conspiracies and hidden truths, which makes for great twists and turns. I'm not sure I've ever read anything exactly like this before, it's a very unique tale! I will definitely see what else this author has out there.

4 out of 5 stars



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