Reviews for the Anchored Hearts series by J.M. Witt

Letting Go (#1)

**Adult content, language, strong sexual content. 18+ please***

What happens when the girl who's only read about BDSM meets a flawed Dom?
Will their tortured souls find love amidst the pleasure and the pain?
Or will misconceptions and unrealistic expectations destroy them before they’ve even begun?

James Benedict III, local playboy and successful real estate investor, hasn’t stopped thinking about Cassidy since the horrific events that occurred in his bar several months ago. Working hard to protect her and still blaming himself for her grief, he’s unable to stay away any longer. Crashing back into her life, he discovers he may need her more than she needs him.

Cassidy Charles is slowly putting the pieces of her life back together once again. She's managed to leave everything to do with that horrible night behind her, including James. When he reappears, she finds the attraction undeniable and falls into a lifestyle that rivals her fantasies. As her demons come head to head with his, she worries that his world will destroy her.

When your past threatens to destroy your future, how long will you hang on before Letting Go?

Kim's Review

J.M. Witt's "Letting Go" is the first installment of the Anchored Hearts series. Meet Cassidy as she goes out to a bar with her best friend to watch their boyfriends band play. What happens when she locks eyes with the most handsome man she's ever seen? What happens when they have unbridled chemistry? A devastating thing happens one night and rips them apart. What happens when he comes back into her life? Will she let him in, or walk on by? Find out in part one of this awesome 5 book series. 

5 out of 5 stars

Hiding Away (#1.5)

Who do you trust, and who do you love, when the secrets of your past are so painful that you’re Hiding Away? 

Jane Whitford had everything she ever wanted, at her fingertips, when it was violently ripped away. The man who was supposed to love her turned into a monster. Broken and bruised, she fled his clutches back to her hometown. Love is the last thing she wants when she meets Cal. The only thing on her mind, is fun, and lots of it. Will she open her heart to him before it's too late? 

Calvin Charles is a cop on the streets, working hard to achieve his goal of joining SWAT. He strives to live with no regrets and has everything he needs; friends, family, and the occasional woman to warm his bed. Until he meets Jane, and she quickly becomes everything he wants. Will he be able to get her to open up when she’s convinced that exposing her secrets will cost her his love and respect? 

Will his love be strong enough to survive? Or will her secrets be the death of him?

Kim's Review

J.M. Witt's "Hiding Away" is tale #1.5 in the Anchored Hearts series. This book is the story about a woman name Jane and a man named Cal. Watch how they meet, their instant attraction and what happens when their worlds collide. Will their passion flame, or fizzle out? Find out what happens when her past comes back to haunt her. Will Cal stick by her, or run from her? Find out in the MUST READ!

5 out of 5 stars

 Letting Go of You (#2)


Letting Go of You will be the hardest decision of my life.

We were devoted and committed to one another. Secret clubs, family, friends, careers and undeniable chemistry filled our lives. Previous troubles seemed nonexistent. We were ready and willing for whatever life had to offer. Life was perfect. If only ‘perfect’ really existed.

What I didn’t expect was that one tragic event would trigger the demons you kept hidden from me. I had to decide if I could live with not knowing your secrets. And just when I thought we would make it through, another hurdle was placed in front of us. Tragedy, murder, first loves, old enemies, and death lingered at every turn.

Will your demons be the death of us? Or will my anchored heart be strong enough to hold on?

Only You

Kim's Review

J.M. Witt's "Letting Go of You" is tale #2 in the Anchored Hearts series. Follow Cassidy and James as they try to figure out their relationship. What happens when a blast from their past comes back to haunt them? What happens when Cassidy gets a promotion? What happens when all hell seems to break loos on them? Can they stand the test of time, or will they crash and burn in the process? Find in this part of the series.

5 out of 5 stars

Fading Away (#2.5)

Can our love heal the wounds that consume us?
Or will the past leave your soul Fading Away? 

Cal is fighting for his life and for his love. Never wanting to settle down until he found her, his baby doll. Her secrets left him bleeding on the floor and comatose. He’ll fight for her, no matter the cost. But what if that means committing murder? 

Jane almost lost everything she never knew she needed. Some of her secrets revealed, but not all. Nightmares consume her, but so does her love for Cal. Will she be able to let go of the past and move forward? 

Will murder charges ruin their chance at happily ever after? 
Or will they get the one thing they both want? 
Each other…forever.

Kim's Review

J.M. Witt's "Fading Away" is tale #2.5 in the Anchored Hearts series. This is the continuing story of Jane and Cal. Follow them through what happens when the past come back to haunt you. Will Cal make it? Will Derek get off from hurting Jane? Will Cal learn the rest of Jane's secrets? Will Jane finally say yes to Cal's proposal? Find out answers to these and many more questions. This book series is a MUST READ!

5 out of 5 stars

Letting Go of Us (#3)


While grieving for my mother I lost sight of you, my love, my life, and what we had created. You said the one word I never wanted to hear from your lips and it nearly broke me. I know now that it was your plea for me to hear you.

I heard you and I planned on fixing it, even if it took the rest of my life. We never bargained for what came next. You became a stranger to me, my own wife. Wife. The word was suddenly foreign to me. Thrust into a situation we didn’t expect, you proved to me over and over again what love was. I pray you’ll let me return the favor.

My cage is empty and waiting for you, my Blackbird. I’ll spend eternity proving that I’m never letting go of us.

Always, only, forever…

Kim's Review

J.M. Witt's "Letting Go of Us" is tale #3 in the Anchored Hearts series. Follow James and Cassidy through their final installment of the series. What happens when things can't get any more screwed up? Will they be able to save their marriage? Will they catch the stalker? What happens when everything comes to a head? Will they survive, or will they fall apart? Find out in the last installment for Cassidy and James.

5 out of 5 stars


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