Review for Crashing Waves (The Girl From Ortec #1) by Amy Richie

Note: This is NOT a romance.

Meet Rani, servant of Ortec. Sixty years have passed since the great wave came, destroying the world as human kind knew it. The people living on the island-city of Ortec have their own way of life, their own way of surviving the endless water. Rani, a young earth walker who has never dared to dream of a different life, knows what is expected of her as the wife of the lawman. But then, one night changes everything. The night the pirates come. Without any warning, Rani is faced with a decision that no one on Ortec has ever had to make before. Shaking up the very foundation of the world they have so carefully rebuilt might just be the only choice Rani has.

My Review

Amy Richie’s “Crashing Waves” is an alternative future world short story. Very interesting – kind of a cocktail of the best elements from Waterworld, Hunger Games, and a few other tales. The character development is excellent. I love the vision for society and the rules. I’d like to see where she goes next with this and also to read a prequel to see what happened just before this story. Very powerful little tidbit.

4.5 out of 5 stars


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