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Promo for Kristal McKerrington

One man has a chance to reclaim all he’s lost. He’s up against impossible odds.

Amber—Scottish dancer drawn to Marie and Layla…

Amber—proud and stubborn…

Unsure about elements of her life, Amber trains her Street Dance team as she was taught by two famous women—Marie and Layla.

An act of violence brings a revelation that rocks Amber’s world. Marie and Layla are far more than outstanding Street Dancers with a fabulous reputation—they’re Amber’s half-sisters.

Yet another chapter of the Susan family opens with Being Amber. The plucky young woman fights to retain her own identity while also becoming part of the Street Dance world.


Exposed secrets with no where to turn. Marie must face the world in the aftermath of what her sister has done. The lies, the betrayals, dan…

Promo for Blackheart by Raelle Logan

No memory of his past, sentenced to death for a duel gone horrid, Lochlanaire Blackheart is commanded by King William to hunt Siren Rain. She’s the illegitimate daughter of ousted King James II. In capturing his prey, Lochlanaire must retrieve the ruby signet Siren dons. That jewel is the talisman of King James II, which proves Siren’s ancestry. Lochanaire, however, is unaware that at the moment he casts sail aboard his ship, Siren’s been kidnapped by his pirate brother, Zore. Lochlanaire must battle this cutthroat for the princess, spinning Siren into his web of treachery. Afterward, they’re shipwrecked, entwined in a union of inconvenience when Lochlanaire weds Siren under the witchery of gypsies. Lochlanaire soon enlightens Siren of her true father’s identity. She seduces her captor, desperate to conceive Lochlanaire’s child. She believes he cannot surrender her to die at King William’s hangman’s noose if their bloo…

Cover Reveal for Hard Pack by Allyson Lindt

COVER REVEAL Hard Pack by Allyson Lindt
Coming April, 2018!

Pre-order Hard Pack

Second place is the first loser

Tristan Hough is an Olympic silver-medal winner in snowboarding.

Which, as his coach pointed out, was just another time he came in second. Tristan no longer settles for runner-up. One of many reasons sleeping with his best friend's ex is out of bounds.

No reason to make that mistake twice.

Especially when an investigation is launched against Tristan’s real estate firm, accusing him of using the charity she runs as a tax shelter. Conflict of interest? Add it to the list of ‘Why staying away from Victoria is critical’.

Except she’s pregnant. And the child is his.

He’ll support the kid. That’s what money’s for. Everything else about her is hands-off. Who cares that Victoria’s got Tristan’s brain and libido so twisted, the most skilled black diamond boarder would jump at the chance to ride those seductive curves? Giving in to temptation could topple both their worlds.

He’s not…

Promo for Judy Meadows' Midwife in Behruz

by Judy Meadows
Lay​la's trip to Behruz, her father's country and home of her early years, is meant to be one last adventure before she joins her dreamboat fiancΓ© in Texas. But Behruz casts a spell on her. Her knowledge as a midwife is needed there. Serving women's health in a country where no one talks about "such things" presents interesting challenges.

Majid, an American-trained doctor, is back home in Behruz serving his people.​ He's ready to settle down, but because of an old family ​bias, American women are forbidden to him. That's no problem until Layla walks into his clinic with a sassy smile, a jar of semen, and her T-shirt proclaiming "Midwife at Your Cervix."



Two years ago, abandoned, despondent, and pregnant, Olivia was pressured into letting her sister and her sister’s husband,…

Excerpt Reveal for Hard Flip by Allyson Lindt

Pre-Order Everywhere! Hard Flip by Allyson Lindt
Coming January, 2018!
Fading away is a bitch.

Mischa Dozniyov is a three-time X Games Skateboarding Champion.

Fifteen years ago that meant he was king of the tail slide and had his choice of tail. Now his past makes it PR-suicide to put his name on his commercial real estate business. He’s working to make his firm reputable, when some unknown crashes his website to extort Mischa into giving them a job.

He’s ready to tear the arrogant jerk a new one, until he meets her. 

Ash is sexy, reckless, and living paycheck-to-paycheck to support herself and her younger sister. Mischa tells Ash she can have the position if she proves herself. In the meantime, if she poses as his new bride, she gets stability and financial security. He gets a ready-made family, complete with the aww factor, to make him look respectable.

It’s the perfect proposal.

 As long as no one finds out the marriage is for show. And Ash’s past doesn’t come back to haunt them. A…

Promo for Rachel Leigh Smith's His Soul To Keep

To save his soul, he risks condemning the world.
Boulder pride security chief Gabe Kincade is losing his mind. It's the only explanation for remembering a past life in ancient Egypt as one of Maahes's warriors. Meeting a gorgeous scientist his jaguar says is his mate is a complication he can't afford—and can't resist. Ares is after him, and if the god catches him, he's dead. Again.

Wildlife geneticist Autumn Dailey has spent the last fifteen years tracking big cat DNA. She's on the verge of a huge discovery, and the key might be in the samples from her cougar population study. Being kidnapped by people who turn into cougars proves she's found her something huge. Gabe Kincade showing up and promising to protect her from an unhinged alpha is an unexpected bonus. So is falling in love with him.

But Ares knows who Gabe really is and what he can do. The Greek god of war will do anything…

Review for Allyson Lindt's The Nerds and The Matchmaker

Sexy Nerds+Sexier Threesomes=Happily Every After Release Day For The Nerds and The Matchmaker A Stand Alone #GeekLove MMF Menage Romance

Cynthia’s dating service is one-of-a-kind. A combination of old-fashioned matchmaking and high-end computer algorithms, she guarantees her matches. However, she needs an infusion of cash to stay afloat long enough to prove her theories work.

No investment firm in town is nibbling, until she meets Aaron and Gavin. They’re willing to give her a shot, on one condition—she has to prove her algorithm works by matching each of them.

Their cocky attitudes and desire to flirt with anyone and everyone make Gavin and Aaron the kind of candidates Cynthia usually turns away without question. But with her business and dream on the line, she’ll make an exception, reminding herself every step of the way there’s a reason she never plugs herself into the algorithm, and she’s not going to make an excep…

Cover Reveal for Pretty As A Peach by Juliette Poe

πŸ‘πŸ‘ COVER REVEAL πŸ‘πŸ‘ Things in Whynot, NC are getting hairy! Check out the #coverreveal for PRETTY AS A PEACH, the next installment of Juliette Poe’s Sex & Sweet Tea series, coming March 15, 2018! The full blurb is coming soon, but take a quick peek at what you can expect from PRETTY AS A PEACH: There’s a new farmer in Whynot, NC, and she’s proving to be quite the forbidden temptation for Colt Mancinkus, the youngest of the Mancinkus clan. As pretty as she is sweet, Colt can’t help but be drawn to her…peaches. No really, she’s a peach farmer. Get that mind out of the gutter and down to the farm in Pretty as a Peach, releasing March 15, 2018! #preorder PRETTY AS A PEACH (Sex & Sweet Tea, Book #4): πŸ‘ B&N: πŸ‘ iBooks: πŸ‘ Google Play: πŸ‘ Kobo: KINDLE USERS: The Amazon #preorder link is coming soon! To receive an email alert when it is available, sign up here:…

Free in KU! Recourse by M.N. Forgy

Recourse (Sin City Outlaw Christmas) is now FREE in Kindle Unlimited! One Click It:
Naughty or nice, it seems to be the way Zeek and I live our relationship. I’m the sheriff, and he’s the outlaw of a major biker gang.
I have to pick a side this Christmas. Do I honor my badge like I was born to do, or do I cross my line of blue and my man home for Christmas?

Promo for Delectable by Ann Grech

"This book is so... Delectable Delicious Dirty Damn good!" Delectable (Gold Coast Nights Book 1) Author: Ann Grech Genre: M/M/F Romance ☆ BUY LINKS ☆ iBooks: Amazon: Kobo: Nook: Can true love really withstand any test? Suffering from PTSD, Connor returns from war to his best friends. Are they the key to this Australian ex-soldier’s happily ever after? Ann Grech’s delectable MMF menage romance will take you on an emotional roller coaster through twists and turns leaving you breathless.


I owe Levi everything, so when I fell for his girl, I did the only thing a good mate would do. I left. Ran. Six years in the Army and I still couldn’t forget. But I couldn’t stay away any longer.
And now I’m realizing it wasn’t just her I’d fallen for.

He left us to defend our country. While I was living in paradise, happy, and in love with my gorgeous girl, he faced horrors I can…

Promo for the Chandler County Collection

Title: Missing Desire Author: PJ Fiala Genre: Romantic Suspense Publisher: Rolling Thunder Publishing Hosted by: Lady Amber's PR Blurb: Can love overcome the insecurities of the past? Nita Brown is a big, beautiful, resilient woman. She’s endured the loss of a husband, the trials of raising three kids, and the joy of purchasing and running of her own business. But dealing with the issues her son has brought home at the same time meeting a man who sees her for who she is, now this just might bring her to her knees. Chuck Layton is new in town. He followed his boss, Levi, to Bourbonville to continue working in his newly found profession. Learning the security business has helped him over-come the insecurities his father drilled into him his whole life, and this new case is honing his skills. But, just as he’s figured out what he wants to do with his life he finds he must weigh his livelihood against his growing love of Nita. Chuck has some decisions to make. Writing has been a desire my who…