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Promo for The Coven Queen by Lily Luchesi

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Become the witch you were born to be.

Harley Sinclair has had more than her share of heartbreak, and now she's all alone once again, trying to hold her life together and move on from the tragedies and the losses of both the dead and the living.

However, she cannot indulge in grief over heartbreak nor death.

Bodies are being found all over London, and then one turns up in the Coven's confines. Someone is hunting witches and wizards, and with the Coven leaderless, they are more vulnerable than ever.

In order to escape the memories haunting her, she agrees to fly to Chicago to find the source of the murders before everyone she knows is killed.

Discover the magic, mystery, and mischief in the final installment of the #1 bestselling Coven Series!

*** PLUS *** books 1-4 are 99c each! The Coven Princess The Coven Heir The Coven Rescue The Coven History

The man yanked Harley up from her seat, still keepi…