Review for The New Orleans Hothouse by Lee Rene


The New Orleans Hothouse proves nice Jewish boys can be very naughty indeed

The button-down world of Mad Men meets the decadence of the French Quarter

Danny Rothstein, a young casino owner, leaves his home in Las Vegas for the noir splendor of 1950s’ New Orleans. Danny, a product of the button-down fifties, assumes he knows everything about women. Little does he know that he will soon enter a world of strip bars and clandestine sex clubs. His life comes apart when he meets Yvette Delacroix, a nineteen-year-old cigarette girl who has sampled life on the wild side. After a scorching encounter in a sex club, the two embark on a torrid romance that challenges everything Danny believes about female sexuality and love. At the end of Danny’s passionate journey, he learns bad girls can be very good indeed. 

The New Orleans Hothouse is an explicit glimpse at the carnal underworld of New Orleans told in the first person from a male point of view. The clash between a powerful protagonist and liberated heroine are some of the provocative elements in this erotic romance set in the New Orleans and the fictional universe of the Rue St. Marc.    

My Review

Lee Rene’s “The New Orleans Hothouse” is a steamy read. It reads like a sexy version of Casino or Goodfellas. I could even picture the leading man, Danny, as Ray Liotta! Yvette, the leading lady, is a sexy beast. There are a lot of hot sexy scenes. Some of the stuff is *very* taboo for the time period in which it takes place. I loved it. I’m going to check out what else this author has available!

4.5 out of 5 stars

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