Review for Curious Little Werewolf by Katie Salidas

Things would be perfect if supernatural disasters would quit creeping up and ruining Giselle’s happy new life. After finally finding the fur-ever home she’s always wanted a witch blows into town promising to reveal the bloody past of Giselle’s birth, and the circumstances that led the little werewolf to end up in the foster care system to begin with. 
Hot on the witch’s trail, another pack of wolves is on the hunt for revenge, and will accept nothing less than her death in retribution for the havoc she’s wrought on them. 
Caught in the crossfire, Giselle desires only the truth, and if the witch is who she claims to be, the little werewolf must protect her at any cost. If she’s lying, though, Giselle risks her own kind seeing her as a traitor. Neither her new pack nor her hottie witch boyfriend Damien can offer any help. Giselle is on her own again. And if she makes the wrong decision, she’ll lose the only link she has to her own past.

My Review

Katie Salidas' "Curious Little Werewolf" is the second tale in the Little Werewolf series. I could not put this one down! I had to keep reading it to find out what would happen. Has the feel of Buffy or Twilight crossed with Bones. Giselle is quite the curious little thing. Can't wait to read #3 to see who she becomes and who she ends up with.

4.5 out of 5 stars


Dinner had been the most awkward affair she’d ever encountered. Gavin was so wound up he chewed his cheek more than his steak, and Martina nearly spilled the pitcher of water on David when she went to offer him a drink. Conversation, if anyone could call the short clipped questions and answers that, was more an interview than small talk. Giselle got the distinct impression they were being graded on their performance. Only Di and Taylor seemed to be enjoying themselves. They’d spent most of dinner chatting up Ace and Jay. Those two reminded her of Ash, all formality at the front, but beneath the surface they were still kids, like her. Giselle wished Ash were there. He might have had a stick up his ass, but she could at least talk to him. And then it hit her: she’d rather have Ash than Damien.

Damien was her boyfriend. His easygoing nature and devilish smile were always enough to lighten the mood of any situation. Why then would she be hoping to have Ash around? Why was he even entering her thoughts?

Wolf. That was why. He was like her. He knew what it was like in the wolfy world. Witches had their own issues, but wolves were like a military unit, with all their rank and honor and duty. Only another wolf could truly understand and appreciate the true horror she’d felt sitting at the table with the big boy Alphas as she managed to do everything wrong.

Ash would never screw up, and just like in Harper’s class, he’d have her back as she continued to muck up the night.

Damn it, though. She needed to get Ash out of her head. It felt like cheating the more she wanted to have him sitting next to her. But she did want him there, sitting next to her.

Bad Giselle! She buried the thought deep down, hoping it wouldn’t surface again. Ash and Taylor were supposed to be a thing, and that went against the girl code to covet your BFF’s or sister’s man.
Damien. Damien. Damien. He was her boyfriend.

Giselle found herself panicking. All around her conversation was happening, talks of wolf politics, territory, potential mates to strengthen other regions, none of which she had any interest in. She was the outsider. In her mind, she was still the lone wolf, and no matter how much she wanted to fit into pack life, it didn’t feel like she ever would. 


Kindle Unlimited

All Giselle ever wanted was a family... who can accept her for what she is, a werewolf. 
In a world where supernatural creatures are not out and proud, this has been a problem for 16 year old Giselle. A child of the system, she's been bounced from home to home for as long as she can remember. As soon as the moon calls out her inner wolf, it's back into the system she goes.
Against the odds, a new family is found for Giselle. One that may prove the answer to all her dreams and wishes. But this family comes with a deadly secret that could send Giselle six feet under instead of back into the system.

Amid factions of warring witches and werewolves, and deadly curses with no hope for a cure, the way will not be an easy one, but if Giselle can call upon her skills as a lone wolf, she may just be able to unearth the truth keeping her from the one thing she's ever wanted... family.

My Review for #1: 

Katie Salidas' "Pretty Little Werewolf" is the first tale in the Little Werewolf series. This is a clean teen paranormal romance. Feels like a werewolf version of Divergent. Has two possible boyfriend choices like Twilight. The mythology is really interesting - werewolves & witches. Can't wait to read #2.

4.5 out of 5 stars

“Whatever, Di. Help if you must, but don’t baby me.”
If Di heard her, she didn’t respond. Not that Giselle needed verbal confirmation; she turned back around and slammed her locker shut without looking, and then stumbled straight into something… someone… hard. 
“Oh, sorry,” Giselle mumbled, trying to steady herself. She hadn’t caught the scent until after she looked up and saw who she’d almost knocked down – or, well, collided with. She couldn’t have knocked him down if she’d tried. 
Hello, Boy! 
He was magnificent. Was every guy in this school a male model? Towering over her at well above six foot, with muscles that went on for days, he was built like a statue with a hard jaw and stone-cold eyes to match. Though his looks were definitely worth paying attention to, it was his smell that had her standing dumbfounded. In all the years since she’d first experienced the change, she had never run into anyone like her. Now, standing here right in front of her was yet another wolf. She’d thought the lingering scent of wet earth might have been left in Di’s wake, but the longer he stood here, looking down at her, the stronger the smell got.
“Do you have a problem?” he asked with a voice that complemented that spectacular body of his. Smooth and deep. Seriously… what a package. Her wolf was definitely at attention and begging for a second to come to the surface for a closer inspection. It was all she could do not to wolf out right there in the hallway, with all the students around to see. Yeah. That would make for a great first impression.
Hiya, everyone… I’m the new girl, and… oh, yeah, and I’m a wolf, too. She might as well tape an old “Kick me” sign on her back; it would be less conspicuous. 
While she was practically drooling where she stood, the strange boy, wolf, man –whatever he was – looked positively murderous. “Are you going to stand here all day, or can I get to my locker?”
So much for making a good first impression on him. “Sorry.” Giselle cleared her throat, wanting to say something smart, but for once, she didn’t have the words. She sidestepped sheepishly, and enjoyed the back view of him as he brushed past her to his own locker. 
Damn. Nice butt.  
Her wolf agreed, too. Wonder what his wolf looks like. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours! She couldn’t help but stare. How often did she run into other wolves? Male wolves.


Nerd, Paranormal Fantasy Author, Doctor Who fangirl, Las Vegas Native, and SuperMom to three awesome kids!

Katie Salidas tries to do it all, often causing sleep deprivation and many nights passed out at the computer. Writing books is one of her many passions, and she hopes that it will bring you hours of entertainment.

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