Promo for Stone by Stevie J. Cole

by Stevie J. Cole




NOW LIVE!!!! Stone by Stevie J. Cole is available now + FREE in Kindle Unlimited!!!

A Standalone Rock Star Romantic Comedy in the Pandemic Sorrow Series


Stone Steele: Lead guitarist of Pandemic Sorrow. International rock star. World famous cock star.

The kind of man every woman fantasizes about, but knows better than to get involved with—which is just the way Stone likes it. After all, a dressing room full of groupies, Viagra, and love don’t exactly mesh.

So when Phoenix Savage, the secret love child of an aging rocker, is thrown in with the guys of Pandemic Sorrow, she has no problem giving each and every one of them a middle finger. Insults fly and beers cans are thrown until Phoenix sees a little chink in Stone’s rock star armor.

What happens when two headstrong rockers are thrown together against their will?

What happens when rock stars break into a penguin exhibit?

In a world where the motto is: Sex, Drugs, and Rock n’Roll, can these two rockers last longer than a One-hit wonder?




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