Review for Riding the Wave by Allyson Lindt

When the past and present collide, is the risk of falling in love worth the reward?

The entire network for Spencer’s theme park crashes on Christmas Eve, and it’s the rotten cherry on top of an already sucky night. Fortunately, the on-call tech is the perfect distraction. Sexy, smart… and his best friend’s much younger sister. Talk about off-limits.

Trina’s ready to give the asshole on the other end of the support line a piece of her mind—how dare he take out his frustrations on her because his night is going bad? When she comes face-to-face with the gorgeous owner of her company’s biggest client, drooling replaces anger. She’s always had a thing for Spencer, but her memory lied about just how hot he is.

Trina has a hard enough time proving she’s as good, or better, at her job than the guys she works with, without adding in another rumor about her sleeping her way into the position. And Spencer’s ex-wife is looking for a way to prove he can’t keep it in his pants when it comes to the women he works with.

Is riding the wave of lust worth the risk, or will it bring everything they’ve worked for crashing down around them?

My Review

Allyson Lindt's "Riding the Wave" is the third book in the "Ridden Hard" series, but you could read it as a standalone. I like the feel of this one because the leading lady, Trina, has to deal with a lot of male idiots in her workplace and she's strong and overcomes all of it. I've been there, struggling for respect. Just feels really real. I love Trina and Spencer's relationship. Lots of yummy sex. Sweet epilogue!

4.5 out of 5 stars


My Reviews for #1 & #2:

Allyson Lindt's "Hard Flip" is the first book in the "Ridden Hard" series. "Hard Flip" isn't your typical skater boyfriend book. It isn't your average billionaire romance either. It's also not like other fake engagement stories. This is Allyson Lindt, so nothing is ordinary! The characters are amazing and there are great sex scenes, as usual. The plot elements combine in a new and interesting ways. I can't wait to read #2!

4.5 out of 5 stars

Allyson Lindt's "Hard Pack" is the second book in the "Ridden Hard" series, but you could read it as a standalone. Maybe I'm just totally baby crazy right now, but I loved this story. Tristan and Vicky have amazing chemistry. I love how they can't resist each other and are so star-crossed. Lots of hot sexy scenes, as usual. I can't wait to read #3, "Riding The Wave"!

4.5 out of 5 stars


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