Review for The Princess by Ariel MacArran

Jehan might have been born Az-kye but growing up in exile as the son of a disgraced warrior has left him with nothing but contempt for his own kind. Caught in a storm at the edge of Tellaran space he answers a distress call barely in time to save the ship’s sole survivor—an Az-kye slave girl, Liri.  

Though living in the Badlands has taught Jehan not to care about anyone but himself, he soon finds that rescuing this lovely creature is turning into a habit. But the woman who calls herself Liri isn’t who she says she is and loving her might just get him killed . . .

My Review

Ariel MacArran's "The Princess" is a Telleran novel. I loved it! Couldn't put it down. 3 parts Star Trek, 1 part Gladiator, 1 part Sommersby! The characters are amazing and very deep. This story pits its leads against the leads of "The Consort." Once again, the sexy times are super hawt! I *really* need to read "The Seer."

4.5 out of 5 stars


Just in case you missed my reviews for "Stardancer" and "The Consort":

Ariel MacArran’s “Stardancer” is a brilliant futuristic/alternative world romance read that’s the beginning of the Telleran series. It has some elements of “Clan of the Cave Bear” with the different clans and races. The plot is amazing and the characters are deep and well thought out. Kinara, the leading lady, goes through a complete metamorphosis in the book and becomes the strong leader she was always meant to be. Aidar, the leading man, is drop dead sexy and he fights for her and it made me swoon. I love the concept of being bound to your mate – very much like Black Dagger Brotherhood or Immortals After Dark. The bound mate sex is incredible! 

4.5 out of 5 stars

Ariel MacArran’s “The Consort,” part of the Telleran series, is unbelievably even better than “Stardancer.” The storyline takes twists and turns and keeps you wondering what will happen. If you’ve ever struggled with in-laws, you need to read this to know that you don’t have it so bad! Alari and Kyndan are a great couple. I love that he fell for her at first sight. Again, there are elements of “Clan of the Cave Bear” and the Immortals After Dark series. The futuristic setting and the different clans and races make this an involved tale that keeps you reading. Again, the bound mate sex is off the charts! 

5 out of 5 stars


About the Author

Ariel MacArran has had a lifelong love of books, stories and writing. Nothing makes her happier than the opportunity to give back some of the magic of being swept up into a story that other writers have given her. 

Ariel MacArran also writes the Warriors of Hir Series under the pen name Willow Danes. 

Novels written as Ariel MacArran:

Another Man's Bride

Science Fiction (Tellaran Series)
The Seer
The Consort
The Princess

Novels written as Willow Danes: 

Science Fiction (Warriors of Hir Series)

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