Review for Milana Jacks' Rise The Seas

From the author of the Beast Mates series comes another beauty and the beast romance fairy tale set in a dystopian world. 

Welcome to Ice Age Earth, where love melts...everything.

He should send her away. But her innocent touch sets off his dragon beast.

I’m the last Salazar female left on Earth, but I’m still fully human, and I am not a bargaining chip. No way am I marrying my Dad’s business partner’s son, even if Diego does have a megatronic crotch. I’ve got to get away from the habitat. My old fly-only car won’t make it to New York, but it can take me as far the dragon island just offshore.

Ten years ago, I thought a willowy woman in white “gifting” me and my three buddies with an elemental beast was a tequila-fueled dream—until I woke up as a blue dragon, supposedly with control over water. Except I can’t seem to raise so much as a ripple in the iceberg-choked sea. Worse, unlike my friends, I’m covered in scales.

Most alien Cy know not to visit my domain uninvited. But this intruder isn’t cyborg or alien. She’s a human female seeking protection. I should turn her down. I should send her home. But her innocent touch arouses my beast. And he’s not letting her go…

My Review

Milana Jacks' "Rise The Seas" is the first tale in the Ice Age Dragon Brotherhood series. It is a dragon-version of Beauty and The Beast. The mythology with the dragons and the cyborgs is neat. Different mythology than I've ever seen before. Lots of great chemistry and sexy scenes. I especially liked the dragon's extra "parts." Hubba hubba! I can't wait to check out #2, coming in May!

4.5 out of 5 stars


Milana grew up with tales of water fairies that seduced men, vampires that seduced women, and Babaroga who’d come to take her away if she didn’t eat her bean soup. She writes devious dystopian adult romance often about extraterrestrials and fantasy creatures roaming the Earth where she resides with her mate and their three little monsters. 

~ Meet her book Monsters ~ 

2018 New Series! Ice Age Dragon Brotherhood. Dystopian PNR.
#1 Rise the Seas - March 10
#2 Cradle the Fire - May 19

Dystopian Paranormal Romance - Beast Mates Series is COMPLETE -
Virgin Beast Mate,#0 - FREE on Amazon
Blind Beast Mate, #1
Wild Beast Mate, #2
Goddess Beast Mate, #2.5 
Sent Beast Mate, #3
Their Beast Mate, #3.5 
Caught Beast Mate, #4 
His Beast Mate, #4.5
Free Beast Mate, #5 - LATEST! 

Dystopian Adult Urban Fantasy for romance readers:
Mediator Seeks, #1
Mediator Tricks, #2

Novella Standalones: 
Alien Fae Mate 
Sweet Dirty Wolf (this one is calling for a series. Maybe.)


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