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Kim's Review

Marie James' "Love Me Like That" is a great read.  London has quit her office job to work for her boyfriend of 6 years, Trent, at his bar. Trent and her best friend, Keira have asked her to spend more time with them so she became a waitress at the bar to do just that. After her and Trent's shower fun he leaves for the bar and she leaves for the gym. When she gets there she gets a surprise of there being a sign on the door that there was a broken pipe and it was closed. She went and grabbed coffee for her and Trent and headed to the bar early. When she got there she got the surprise of her life, Trent balls deep in her best friend, Keira, calling her his pet name her her. She didn't confront them, she just went home and packed up her entire life and left heading west. After driving for hours she gets the surprise of her life when an elk is in the road and she ends up running off of it in the weather with the slipper roads. Kadin is up at his cabin in Montana trying to forget his life for the last 18 months. He's been sent away from work because the board of his company gave him an ultimatum, come back to work sober, or they were going to replace him. He takes his truck down the drive to make sure the gate is shut when he sees flashing lights and a car in a ditch. He finds London in her car and takes her back up the drive to his cabin so she doesn't freeze to death. Because of the storm there is no way to get her car out and her back on her way. They instantly have a connection and try to fight it. Neither of them end up winning that fight and have some amazing sex that neither of them want to stop. What is Kadin really doing up at the cabin? What did he really go up there to do? Will London go back to Trent? What happened in London's past that made her run? What happened 18 months ago to Kadin? Kadin's past is crazy, and the twist of it you will never see coming. This book is a MUST READ!!!

5 out of 5 stars


Title: Teach Me Like That
Series: LMLT #2 
Author: Marie James
Genre: Contemporary Romance


Thirty-three, single, and loving life.

Construction worker by day and playboy by night. Kegan Cole has what many men can only dream about. A great job, incredible family, and more women fawning over him than he can count. What more could he ask for?

Lexi Carter spends her days teaching at a private school. Struggling to rebuild her life after tragedy nearly destroyed her, she doesn’t have the time or energy to invest in any arrangement that could lead to heartbreak. That includes the enigmatic Kegan Cole whose arrogance and sex appeal arrive long before he enters a room.

It doesn’t matter how witty, charming, and incredibly sexy he is. She plays games all day with her students and has no room in her life for games when it comes to men, and Kegan Cole has ‘love them and leave them’ written all over his handsome bearded face.

When Lexi doesn’t fall at his feet like every other woman before her, Kegan is forced off-script to pursue her because not convincing her to give in isn’t an option.

How can a man who hates lies be compatible with a woman who has more secrets than she can count?

Can a man set in his playboy ways become the man Lexi needs? More importantly, does he even want to?

This is a full-length novel that has adult language and descriptive sex scenes. It is NOT a student/teacher book. Both main characters are consenting adults.



Kim's Review of #2:

Marie James' "Teach Me Like That" is the second tale in the Love Me Like That series.  Keagan Cole loves his job, and not surprising, women more. He likes women in general, he's not too picky who he takes to bed. He's a playboy, plain and simple. But women seem to love him, not caring about his love em and leave em philosophy. Lexi Carter is a Kindergarten teacher at a prestigious private school. Anastyn and  Lennox are starting school and Lexi is their teacher. Lexi adores them, and they her. She seems to keep their rambunctiousness under control. Whe Keagan Cole has to take care of them when something happens to their brother, their worlds collide. What will Keagan think of the young teacher? How come they behave for Lexi and no one else? Find out this and more in this awesome read!!!

5 out of 5 stars


Marie James: I’m a full-time, working mother of two boys and wife of 11 years. I've spent almost my entire lifetime living in central Texas, with only short stays in South Carolina, Alabama, and Florida. I've always wanted to write novels and just recently had the gumption to sit down and start one. My passions include reading everything under the sun and plotting out new books to write in the future.

Kincaid is my 7th book. I’ve also written the Hale Series, Love ME Like That, and a FanFiction named Psychosis, featuring up and coming cover model, Matthew Hosea, as the main character. This book was done for fun and all of the proceeds are going to charity. All of my books are currently available on Amazon.



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