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What You Want

Genre: BDSM Erotic Contemporary

When her sister gets sick on the night of her 1Night Stand date, Laney Malcolm is asked 

to fill in and pretend to be her twin. Treating it as a lark, she looks forward to an adventurous 

event with a free dinner and not much else. She isn’t prepared for the fierce attraction nor the 

urge to help the Hawaiian, tattooed submissive she’s introduced to. 

Kanoa Mahelona has spent the last year trying to find himself, but he’s tired of random hook-ups 

and women who only want him for his bad-boy image. Madame Eve helped his boss, so he turns 

to her for assistance. Attractive and damn good at breaking through his barriers, the blonde 

Domme challenges him in a way he can’t seem to turn down. 

Only she’s not who she appears to be, and, once the truth comes out, it may be too late to go 



Kanoa was ready for another round of wax. Honestly, he’d been surprised by her tactic, 

expecting a barrage from a flogger. Instead, she’d turned to something he hadn’t expected. When 

she let the wax drip onto his back, he’d believed she’d never get him to react. Until his feet. Holy 

hell, his restraint to stay still got tested there, especially when she removed the wax. 

Somehow, in blindfolding him, she created a connection between his body and hers. Her body 

heat radiated against him whenever she got near. When she left his proximity, his body ran cold.

He expected her to do more wax play. Instead, she moved away. Minutes ticked by. He struggled 

to hear the slightest shuffle or jingle, except maybe she’d slipped off her boots or stopped 

moving entirely. His heart thumped, blood pumping rapidly through his body and drowning out 

the other noises in the room he’d picked up on. The hum of the air conditioner, the ticking of a 

clock—all gone, leaving him with nothing but his anxious need to move. To do something. Only 

the fear she’d end everything if he moved kept him in place. 

Finally, he couldn’t take any more. “Pretty Woman, are you still here?” 

A low laugh echoed from across the room. “You don’t like being left in the dark, do you, 


He cursed under his breath. Everything about this room, this scene, this woman seemed to be a 

never-ending test. “I wanted to make sure you didn’t leave me.” Honesty helped in all situations. 

“You should trust in our mutual pleasure occurring from us occupying the same room. Now, 

what shall your punishment be?” 

“Name it and I will do it, Pretty Woman.” How he wanted it to involve worshipping her. To 

touch her, even. The waiting sent him to new heights of torture. 

She approached him, crouching on his left side. Whispering in his ear, she said, “I want you to be 

silent and taste what you do to me.”

Author Bio: Landra Graf has been crafting stories since the tender age of too-young-to-watch-

rated-R. When she finally got old enough for adult material, she believed adult meant anything 

besides the smexy. Then she discovered erotic romance and all things kinky. Since then it’s been 

a journey down a rabbit hole. Landra writes BDSM erotic romance and historical erotic romance, 

among other less smexy offerings.

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