Promo for The Suns of Lar: The War for Lar by Eduardo Olbera Ferrer

Kam is in a hint of what had once been the Lariano people in the past. In search of what might be the hope of freeing his people from the field of alien invaders, the human faces what once was his home planet, Lar, where he lived in exile with his family and the love of his life, his cousin Lara. Accidentally he returns to the past and is received by one of the leading scientists of that time, one of those responsible for earth forming the Earth, making him to come here on a mission: protect it. Kam is successful in this mission, but nearly died, and was revived more than two thousand years later by his descendant, set for this purpose, bringing him to the time near his departure. However, in the process he also carries with him one of his worst enemies. The plot begins when in Lar he rediscovers his family and girlfriend, going in search of answers, and he and Lara retrace the same route taken by Kam, and in that process Lara tries in every way to seduce him to bring his memory back . What she did not know is that when on earth, Kam, amnesiac, assumed the identity of his descendent, and also started a relationship with another woman, Kate, not by chance descendant of Lara... The problem is that Kam’s memory comes back in this process, starting not only a war for the liberation of Lar, but also a war between two women for his heart.


About the Author

My name is Eduardo Olbera Ferrer and I live in São Paulo, Brazil. I am married and I have two sons, with 18 and 12 years old (but don`t think I am a old man, I have 43 years old, I go to the gym three times a week!!!). I am an Economy and Business Administration Teacher and I work at Laureate University).

I grew up watching sci fi movies, but Cosmos, the series written by Carl Seagan, really made me fell think about the universe, the stars, maybe the life in another planets. I used to watch Star Trek, Star Wars, Lost in Space, voyage to the bottom of the sea when I were a child, but I like another kinds of stories. My favorite writers are GRR Martin, Dan Brown and JRR Tolkien. Oh, yes, I love Game of Thrones, I read all books!

I have a subject: to write to the people in the world! I decided to improve my English and offer my story out of my country (as I told you, Brazilians spent their times with TV basically, womens watching soap opera and the mans football)! I want to tell one thing: I hate soap opera and football! (LOL)

I tried with my job to make something new! I love super-hero stories, but It`s everything new versions about old ideas and characters. My intention was to write a new story, tried to make something new. The history that I wrote was based in old astronaut theory.


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