Review for Desire to Watch by Ashley Beckem

** Warning this is for adults** 

Secretly lusting after her co-worker Sebastian for years, Jill is now learning to embrace her husband Matthew's hedonistic fantasies. Just as things heat up, Jill and her husband start to get a funny feeling about Sebastian. Her world is exploding as their connection to Sebastian begins to unwind and spiral downwards. Jill learns that the company she has worked for was sold...but to who is the question... Continue reading this sexy MFM journey where they submit to their ultimate fantasies...

My Review

Ashley Beckem's "Desire to Watch" is a sexy read. It's a hubby likes to watch MF/M story. If sharing or watching feel cheaty to you, you will not want to read this! Very erotic...lots of sexy scenes! You won't want to read this when you're somewhere where you can't get off! There is going to be a #2 and I would love to check it out!

4 out of 5 stars


Ashley Beckem grew up in the fridgid northern part of Chicago. At the tender age of eighteen moved to South West Florida for college. Presently chasing after an elusive MBA. Current hobbies include spending reckless amount of time on the beach, boating with friends, and loves being active (biking, golf, running, or tennis). Never far from the trusted Galaxy to keep in touch.


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