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Order of the Black Swan, D.I.T., Book 3

  • Book Length: 273 pages
  • Publisher: dba 7th House, Imprint of Andromeda LLC
CRAP IN A CAULDRON! Move over knights. There's a new kind of hunter in town. 

New York Times bestseller, Victoria Danann, author of Best Paranormal Romance Series the past four years in a row, continues the fast paced and breathlessly sexy adventures of D.I.T.
Hot blooded Irish elf twins, Sheridan and Shivaun O'Malley, are among the first hired to work as paranormal police  for the newly formed Department of Interdimensional Trespass.
After Sheridan was partnered with Torn Finngarick. Shivaun, a.k.a. Shy, was more than ready for her own assignment. The nickname was a fine joke because the wild child bent on becoming a legend was anything but shy.

It's a double date in Dublin when Sher, Shy, and their partners are tasked with running down the hoard of Demon Politic using a thousand-year-old portal under St. Patricks as a revolving door from their world to ours. The revelation of their impact on the course of human history is jaw dropping and Black Swan wants the influence of outside agitation stopped.
By any means.

Sizzle with suspense, Victoria's signature humor, kick ass heroines and gorgeous sexy ex-vampire hunting elves. Grab your copy and an oxygen tank! 'Cause you're gonna be breathless.

“Is there a woman under all those freckles?”
Shy O’Malley gaped. “Funny, Chuck.” She vocally punched out his name like it had a bad taste.
“What was that about?” Deck asked.
Declan Tikkanen was a half human Finn with an Irish elf mother. He’d been trained as a vampire hunter, but left after witnessing his partner’s death while they’d been on patrol together. He’d sought a quiet life raising reindeer in the far north, but Simon Tvelgar persuaded him to take a break from retirement and come to work for his new project, D.I.T., on a trial basis. He’d just been assigned as Shivaun’s partner.
“Nothin’.” She paused and decided she had more to say. “I just can no’ imagine why anybody would agree to be called ‘Chuck’. I mean, where is his self-respect. Does he no’ know that whenever a body says his name they’re thinkin’ ‘upchuck’?”
Deck laughed exposing very white, even teeth. He was good looking when he laughed. “You have a boyfriend, Shivaun?”
She snorted. “Aye. A trio of beauties.”
“Three boyfriends?” Deck was clearly amused.
“That’s right.”
“Humans have a word for that.”
“A good word?”
He chuckled and shook his head. “No.”
“Suppose ’tis a good thing I’m no’ human then.”

New York Times Bestselling author, Victoria Danann, has won the prestigious Reviewers’ Choice Award for BEST PARANORMAL ROMANCE SERIES the past four years in a row! – REVIEWERS CHOICE AWARDS, The Paranormal Romance Guild

Knights of Black Swan – BEST PARANORMAL ROMANCE SERIES (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016)

Solomon’s Sieve – BEST VAMPIRE NOVEL (2014)

In addition to the brave and beautiful vampire hunting knights, Victoria writes other paranormal romances that often touch on scifi/fantasy along with contemporary bikers for those who love it when the bad boys are soooooo good.
Victoria’s signature humor (“Everybody was staring at me because I was on the subway in fits of laughter and couldn’t stop!”) creeps into each and every book whether she intends it or not. But the heart of Victoria’s books is romance, the real kind that lasts and lingers like a charge in the air. Forever.
The rich characterizations and quirky personalities that readers so often comment about come from being a lifelong student of behavior – casually (love to people watch), and a serious student of behavior academically. She has also studied comparative religion, myths, and Dark Ages history.
Victoria lives in The Woodlands, Texas with her husband and a very smart, mostly black German Shepherd dog.



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Knights of Black Swan 2, The Witch’s Dream 
Knights of Black Swan 3, A Summoner’s Tale
Knights of Black Swan 4, Moonlight
Knights of Black Swan 5, Gathering Storm
Knights of Black Swan 6, A Tale of Two Kingdoms
Knights of Black Swan 7, Solomon’s Sieve
Knights of Black Swan 8, Vampire Hunter
Knights of Black Swan 9, Journey Man 


KBS, Next Generation 1 FALCON 
KBS, Next Generation 2. JAX
KBS, Next Generation 3. BATISTE (Coming)

Order of the Black Swan D.I.T.

D.I.T. 1, Simon Says
D.I.T. 2, Finngarick
D.I.T. 3, Irish War Cry
D.I.T., 4 The Wild Hunt (Coming)

Order of the Black Swan Novels

Black Swan Novel, Prince of Demons
Black Swan Novel, Deliverance (Coming)
Black Swan Novel, Nightshade (Coming)


Exiled 1. CARNAL
Exiled 2. CRAVE
Exiled 3, CHARMING 


New Scotia Pack 1, Shield Wolf: Liulf
New Scotia Pack 2, Wolf Lover: Konochur
New Scotia Pack 3, Fire Wolf: Cinaed 
New Scotia Pack 4, Brandish (Coming)

The Witches of Wimberley 

Witches of Wimberley 1; Willem 
Witches of Wimberley 1; Wick (Coming) 
Witches of Wimberley 1; Wednesday (Coming)


Sons of Sanctuary MC, Book 1. Two Princes
Sons of Sanctuary MC, Book 2 The Biker’s Brother
Sons of Sanctuary MC, Book 3 Nomad
Sons of Sanctuary MC, Book 4 Devil’s Marker

Music Man Series, Book 1 Catcher (Coming)
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