Review of Falling Apart Again (The Tiger's Passion #2) by Jessica Ryan

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Falling Apart Again is the second book in the Tigers Passion series by Jessica Ryan. Morgan O'Connor finally decided to let Levi into her life so they could both leave their pasts behind and start picking up the pieces of their lives together. Everything was going great in her life, she loves her job, has great friends and is falling madly for the sweet, loving and incredibly sexy tiger shifter Levi. That is, until something, or someone kills four kids in the woods outside of Burnthills. Now the Shifter Bureau is in town with Logan Halpert leading them and bringing Levi's past back into his life.To keep the past in the past and  get the Bureau off his back he must help Halpert find out what happened to those four kids. What he doesn't realize, is that he is dealing with a force a lot bigger than he expected and not only does he put himself in danger but he puts the woman he loves and their friends lives in danger as well. To save them Levi might just have to become the man/beast he swore he would never become again. 

Just as I have come to expect from her, Jessica did a great job with this book. I love how these two characters have grown so much during the series. Morgan is such a strong independent woman who has come so far after her tragedy and Levi just amazes me with his love for her and his strength to overcome his past and be the man she needs so they can live the life they both want, together. I am also excited at how she developed some of the other characters in this book and I'm hoping that they will soon have a book of their own to tell their stories. Oh! we cant forget the sex scenes, they are, as usual, drool worthy. You will laugh, be on the edge of your chair and want to kick some bad guy buts when reading this. 

4 out of 5 stars

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