Review for Witch's Concubine by Cara Carnes

Witch's Concubine
by Cara Carnes
Genre: Paranormal Romance

What does a witch do when the only vampire strong enough to lift her curse is in jail?
Break him out, of course. Macy Davenport has two weeks to purge the familial course or she’ll suffer a sex-starved eternity. Finding a vampire strong enough to handle her rare dragon witch powers wasn’t easy. But Doctor Death comes with a very high price and a string of complications. Nothing stands between a cursed witch and her quarry.
Prince Dmitri Siysky, aka Doctor Death, doesn’t have time for the fiery dragon witch, even if her carnal dilemma offers interesting compensation. There’s an underground slave ring selling vampires and he’s been sent the witches responsible. He expected trouble, but he never anticipated Macy.

Shawna's Review

Witches Concubine is a paranormal romance novel by Cara Carnes. Dealing with a curse that has been passed down to her through her bloodline, Macy Davenport is in a race against time to find a vampire that cannot only handle her powers but would be willing to help her rid herself of the curse. When she hears that the famous Vampire "Dr. Death" has been captured she hopes that if she can free him he will agree to help her. The only issue here is that "Dr. Death", or Prince Dmitri Siysky as he's know in his world, has plans of his own and being the concubine for a witch is not in his plans. That is, until he gets to know the the beautiful, fiery dragon witch. Now not only does he have to figure out what is happening to the vampires that keep coming up missing, he has to find a way to save his little dragon witch. Can Dmitry save her and solve the case of the missing vampires or will everything come crashing down and destroy them both in the end?

I really enjoyed reading this book it had it all, action, love, humor & suspense, all packed in a short little novel. I love my long books but sometimes its great to be able to sit down and get everything you want out of a book in one sitting and this book did that for me. I have grown to really like Cara's books and this was just another winner for me. My only issue with it is that there are still some things left unsettled at the end. I'm just hoping it will become a series.

4.5 out of 5 stars

Born in small-town Texas, Cara Carnes was a princess, a pirate, fashion model, actress, rock star and Jon Bon Jovi’s wife all before the age of 13.

In reality, her fascination for enthralling worlds took seed somewhere amidst a somewhat dull day job and a wonderful life filled with family and friends. When she’s not cemented to her chair, Cara loves travelling, photography and reading.

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