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Lost Without You
by Annalise Blaze
Genre: Contemporary Romance

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I started to panic and I rarely panic.

I just got out of my car and went into the house, praying she was home. There was no sign of her. What the hell was going on? My pulse was beating at an alarming rate, and an overwhelming fear had taken up residence inside of me.

I saw the envelope on the table with a sheet of paper lying on top of it. Swallowing hard, I picked up the paper up to read it. I could see dried spots where tears had obviously fallen on it as she written it. In my gut, I knew I didn’t really want to read her words.

I put my head in my hands, feeling broken, and the most alone I’d ever felt in my entire life. My world had imploded. The hell of it was I had no idea how the fuck I was going to fix it. One thing I knew for sure was I had to find Hope. I had to explain and beg her to understand.

Keri had just taken away the one thing I cherished and loved the most. How could one person be so cruel and vindictive? She left me completely gutted and my heart ripped out.

Author that hails from the Midwest and currently resides in Iowa. I have been writing since 2001 and that was mostly poems, journals, and one unfinished book that got destroyed in a move. Currently I write in the Contemporary Romance genre and will be venturing into the Military Romance genre in 2016. My debut novel, Starting Over, released in May 2015. This was later relaunched in October 2015 after I signed with Gone Writing Publishing. I enjoy writing stories that are relatable and character's that readers can connect with. When I am not writing I can be found spending time with my family, reading, watching movies, or doing homework. I am also passionate about supporting our Armed Forces and our Veteran's and believe they deserve the absolute best. You can find information about upcoming releases and signing events through my website and via social media. I can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. 

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