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It was supposed to be casual sex between two strangers. No strings. No obligation. No excuses the next morning… 

Until she wakes up engaged. 

Gwen’s heard it all, and lived half of it, when it comes to dates gone wrong. Saying she’s jaded about love is the ultimate understatement. But sometimes a gal wants a more physical connection than her battery-operated-boyfriend can provide. Solution—one night stand. 

Between running a multi-billion dollar lingerie company, and fighting for custody of his daughter, Brad doesn’t have time for things like long-term relationships. Especially since his ex has convinced the judge that his sleeping around creates a bad environment for their child. When his ex-wife drops off their girl without warning one morning and catches him in bed with Gwen, he introduces her as his fiancĂ©e, rather than risk another notch against him in court. 

Now, two people who don’t believe relationships last more than a month, let alone in happily ever after, are putting on the ultimate performance and struggling to keep their hearts separate from their engagement. If they fail, the consequences could ruin more lives than just theirs.


Gwen wasn’t sure how long they lay there, catching their breath and letting the world tick by. The salt of sweat tingled on her lips. Brad said she could trust him, but that never lasted. It was nice to pretend, though. Would be nice if it continued outside the bedroom. There weren’t a lot of people in her life she could say she trusted, and with stunts like the one George pulled, the list grew smaller every day.

Her brother’s name summoned a new thought. Not a welcome one, in a moment like this, but the edge was gone in the lingering haze of pleasure. 

Gwen propped herself up on one elbow and looked down at Brad. She was going to do this before she lost her nerve. “Do you want to get engaged?”

“Did you just propose to me?” He brushed a loose strand of hair from her forehead, while he studied her face. 

“I supposed that’s what we could tell people.” She worried the inside of her lip with her teeth, doubt sinking in. “I mean, not for real, of course. But you need to prove your life is stable, and I need to prove I’m not planning on dying an old spinster.” The way he furrowed his brow wiped away the last of her bravado. “Never mind. I don’t know what I’m saying. Post-coital bliss or something.”
His smile returned, though not full force. “I don’t think I’ve ever fucked a woman so hard she wanted to marry me.”

“You don’t think, but you might have? Besides, I said engaged.” Gwen tried to keep her tone light. What was she thinking? Bad, bad idea. Straight-out-of-a-stupid-movie kind of bad.
“No, I’m certain that’s never happened before. Yeah, all right. Let’s do it.”

“Wow. That sounded less than enthusiastic.” Though she’d dismissed the idea, and it wouldn’t be more than for show anyway, his reluctance dug deep. She rolled onto her back. “It’s no big deal, really.”


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Jaycie Wharry is one of gaming’s most infamous reviewers—under the intentionally vague pseudonym J-Dub. Most of her friends didn’t even know what she really did for a living. Then again, one in particular was missing a few solder points in his neural circuits, and she traded that life in as fast as she could when his infatuation with her translated into a threat to her safety. Her new roommate, Ethan, is just supposed to be a firewall against the past, but they’re heating up the wires faster than an X-box on a summer’s day. 

When one of Ethan’s friends leaks Jaycie’s reviewing identity to the entire internet, accusing her of sleeping with developers in exchange for her 5-star approval, both of their careers are threatened. Since slapping a gag-order on the internet to protect their jobs, privacy, and safety isn’t an option, Jaycie and Ethan will need to archive all their preconceived notions, or watch their future—with each other and in general—crash in an unrecoverable way. 

Warning: Includes a confident gamer-guy who knows how to use a joystick, and a game reviewer who appreciates co-op mode as much as solo-play, especially when her partner knows which controller buttons to push.


About Allyson Lindt

Allyson Lindt is a full-time geek and a fuller-time contemporary romance author. She prefers that her geeky heroes come with the alpha expansion pack and adores a heroine who can hold her own in a boardroom. She loves a sexy happily-ever-after and helping deserving cubicle dwellers find their futures together.

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