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Just in case you missed it, here is Shawna's review:

The One box set by Tia Louise is a compilation of four Stories about Derek and Melissa. The first book, One To Hold, is about how they met. Melissa is in a really bad marriage and is trying to get out of it. While taking a weekend to relax with her best friend she meets the sex Derek. Both have fall for each other the moment they say eyes on the other, but both have secrets they must overcome.
The Second book is called One To Protect. Melissa and Derek are a happy, loving couple who are making great strides in their new relationship. The only problem is that Melissa's ex won’t leave her alone and Derek will do anything he has to, to protect her. But will he go too far and ruin the future they might have together?
One To Save is the third book in the series and this time it seems that Derek is the one needing to be rescued. His dirty little secret isn't as much of a secret as he thought and now someone is out to get him. Can Derek's friends help get him out of the mess he is in or will his stubbornness get him into even more trouble?
And last but not least is One Immortal, the fourth book in this box set. This is actually a re-telling of One to Hold. Instead of them meeting in the normal world Tia has brought the love story of Derek and Melissa into the paranormal world. Derek Alexander loathes vampires and has made it his job to hunt them down and kill every one he sees. None have ever gotten past him that is until he meets Melissa Jones who goes to New Orleans to try and find a cure for herself. The one thing she doesn't want to be is be a vampire so she must do everything she can to find a cure before it takes full control of her. With so much at stake the last think she needs is a sizzling hot, sexy man to walk into her life and distract her with even hotter sex. But it happens and no matter how hard she tries she can’t get enough of him. Can these two come together and help her get her mortality back or will it cost more than they bargained for? This box set is a fun read with some hot and sexy love scenes, and fun little mysteries to go along with it. If you pick this up you will not be disappointed.

4 out of 5 stars


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