Review for Wolf's Temptation (Caedmon Wolves #7) by Ambrielle Kirk & Amber Ella Monroe


Title: Wolf’s Temptation

Caedmon Wolves Series 

Author: Ambrielle Kirk & Amber Ella Monroe

Genre: Paranormal Romance

In Wolf’s Temptation, Dawson Caedmon gets more than he bargains for when he agrees to help Alessia—a witch in peril—uncover a mystery surrounding her heritage. Their findings reek of danger, but Dawson will do anything in his power to keep Alessia from harm. His temptation may cost him his life. But is she or isn’t she truly his mate? Courting a witch and a perceived enemy could threaten the peace within the Pack. Is learning the truth worth the risks?

Wolf's Temptation is Book Seven of the Caedmon Wolves series.

Shawna's Review

Wolf’s Temptation is the 7th book in the Caedmon Wolves series by Ambrielle Kirk & Amber Ella Monroe.

Dawson Caedmon is known everywhere as the man who breaks hearts but in reality he is just another wolf trying to find his place in life. He has learned from the past not to trust people easily and NEVER trust a witch. But when the beautiful Alessia crashes one of his parties he is smitten from the beginning and can’t do anything but think of her.

Alessia knows she isn’t like most people but doesn’t really know much else about her ‘condition’; one thing is for sure, she always sees the same symbol in her dreams. When a friend falls ill and offers her to go in her place to a party Alessia doesn’t want to, that is until she sees the symbol from her dreams on the invitation.

After Alessia and Dawson meet at the party neither can stay away from the other. Then Alessia gets a mysterious note offering to tell her all about a past she has no memory of. Soon things start spiraling downhill for these two and things start to take a very dangerous turn. Will Alessia find out what happened in her past before it comes back to haunt her or will her past find her before she is ready and end any future she might have?

I loved these two together and am so glad I finally got another Caedmon Wolves book to read. This is actually the first shifter series I ever read and not only did I get hooked on the series but I got hooked of paranormal all together because of this series. This book was just as good as the rest and I can’t wait for the next one.

4 out of 5 stars

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Wolf’s Temptation: Amazon

Books One through Six are also available now. Amazon

Just in case you missed it, here is Shawna’s review for #4:

Wolf's Desire is the 4th book in the Caedmon Wolves series by Ambrielle Kirk. After Keira’s husband was murdered by a man and a wolf, no one believed her story of the incident, but she knew what she saw and stood by her story. It wasn’t until after she was cleared of the murder and one of the killers was found that she sought the protection of a body guard. With people breaking into her home and the wolf still out there, she knew she wasn’t safe. What she didn’t know was that the man who would become her bodyguard was her future mate. Aiden was done playing bodyguard and was ready for his retirement from the profession that is until he got the call he couldn’t refuse. One last job is all this was until he walked in the room and set his sights on Keira. I absolutely love this series. My only issues is that for some reason she likes the women in her stories to be virgins, after a few stories like that it gets old. But still a great love story with sexy scenes and an amazingly sexy shifter. You can’t go wrong with one of those. This was actually one of my first shifter books I ever read and I have been hooked since. Ambrielle knows how to write hot, sexy love stories with great plots and action. If you are a paranormal romance reader you will love this book along with the rest in this series.

4 out of 5 stars

Just in case you missed it, here is my review for #5:

Ambrielle Kirk’s “Wolf’s Strength” is the fifth book in her Caedmon Wolves series. If you like the Black Dagger Brotherhood books by J.R. Ward, you’ll enjoy the Caedmon Wolves series. It’s basically BDB but with werewolves instead of vampires. Each book focuses around a couple and each couple’s relationship is different, so it keeps the books feeling very fresh. Number 5 involves a very fierce fighter of a leading lady wolf, Naomi, and a smokin’ hot leading male wolf, Blake. The sex scenes are superb! I love the concept of true mates! There is also a bigger story that arcs through all of the books, which also draws you into the series. My only small complaint is that the books are a smidge short. I really would like to know more of each couple’s story! Can’t wait to keep reading this series to see where it goes next. 

4.5 out of 5 stars

About The Author:

National Bestselling author Ambrielle Kirk writes multicultural erotic romance. Her alter ego, Amber Ella Monroe, writes paranormal and fantasy stories with romantic elements. As a bestselling author in several sub-genres, she's 2012 Swirl Award winner and 2014 Romance of Novel Excellence (RONE) Award nominee in the paranormal categories. She's a PAN member of RWA, FF&P RWA, and co-founder and treasurer of CIM RWA.

She loves weaving tales where undying love is the main element. When she's not writing, she's plotting. When she's not writing or plotting, she's reading. Her reading and writing tastes varies between anything from alpha bad boys and billionaires to vampires and shifters. She's a thirty-something year old wife, mother, book hoarder, 90s music fan, earl grey tea drinker, dark roast coffee fiend, platform and stiletto shoe collector, Keurig lover, and martial arts/action movie fanatic.

Find her one these social media sites:

Amber Ella Books Website          Twitter          Facebook Author Page          Books By Ambrielle Website

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