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An Alpha Alien. A Beautiful soldier. If you had to choose your race or your future what would you pick...?

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"Alien Destiny" Series - Discover NOW The New Sci-Fi Alien Adventure Romance Series by Ashley L. Hunt!

* Exotic * Fantastic * Epic * Romantic *

Yahn is a tall, blue-skinned Karkastian, an alien race widely known as enemies of the planet Earth. Jessie is a beautiful young soldier assigned to an army expedition team. When Jessie’s team explores Karkast after it has been attacked by the evil Sarceastians, Jessie comes across Yahn, the last surviving member of his race. 

Instead of capturing him, she chooses to help him. Soon, they are fugitives living a life on the run. In the process, they discover the true meaning of love, friendship, and devotion to a cause. Their adventure takes them to dangerous spaceports, exotic planets, narrow escapes from certain death and execution, a spirited defense of planet Earth, and even an adventure on the enemy planet of Sarceastium. There, Jessie discovers her talents as a liberator. 

Can Jessie and Yahn escape their enemies, live through their harrowing adventures, and settle down to a life of peace and love? 

Find out by reading all three parts of this eventful, heart-pumping, romantic and sultry space adventure!

Readers should be 18 and over due to mature situations and language.

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Tags: Alien Romance Box Set, SciFi Romance, Science Fiction, Colonization, Cyberprunk Fiction, Dystopian Fiction, First Contact, Steampunk, Romance Trilogy, Romantic Suspence, New Young Adult Romance



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Ashley Hunt gained her Philosophy degree in Denver, Colorado at The University of Colorado. She made Denver her permanent home when she married her college sweetheart. Married six years the couple has a adorable daughter and a yellow Labrador named Oodles. 

Living in the shadow of Gray's Peak proves to be inspirational to Ashley as she sits at her desk in her home office where she writes her Romance stories and can merely look out the window to renew her creativity. 

She strives to make stories with beautiful scenery and intriguing plots. Heroes with great strengths, physical and mental, she pairs with strong heroines who test their limits. In the end, finding deep, passionate love, the way she thinks every relationship should be.


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