Review for Sadistic by Patrick Reuman

Note: This is *not* a romance, it's a serial killer novel.

When an accidental killing leaves Cyrus with blood on his hands, the last thing he expected was to want to do it again. But, that's exactly where he finds himself, once again, at the edge of a blade ready to take a life. A darkness has begun to grow inside, consuming him and making him hunger for more. The town had become his, until Detective Walter Hughes caught onto his trail. Now, he must escape the relentless pursuit of a detective hell-bent on catching him, while balancing his family life and his new sadistic addiction.

My Review

Patrick Reuman's "Sadistic" is a serial killer novel. I don't usually read horror, so I don't have much to compare this to. The writing really flows and it draws you in. You feel like you're right there with Cyrus. Good descriptions, you could feel the emotions (and lack thereof) during the whole tale. The urge to kill was palpable. I can't wait to check out "Edge of Madness" also from Reuman. A great first book from a new author.

4 out of 5 stars


Patrick Reuman is a writer and currently in college to study biotechnology. He has been writing ever since he was 16 when a school assignment pushed his imagination toward creating his own stories. He has one child, a son, named Aidan. He hopes to continue chasing his dreams of writing while pursuing a future in science.


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