Review for Edge of Madness by Patrick Reuman

Note: This is *not* a romance, it's a collection of stories about madness.

Madness: State of irrationality, disorder. To be mentally ill. A state of frenzied or chaotic activity. Insanity.

The mind is a fragile thing and when your sanity fractures all hell can break loose. The darkness trapped within those shattered minds let free to cause the chaos that was held away from them for so long. 

From the author of SADISTIC comes 27 short stories about the chaos of the broken human psyche and the destruction it can leave in its path.


My Review

Patrick Reuman's "The Edge of Madness" is a collection of horror short stories about madness. This is a great collection! Haunting tales of disorder! Each story touches on a different scenario/aspect of mental illness. I don't get the chance to read much horror, so this was a treat for me. Each individual story feels like it could spawn a whole Stephen King novel. I will definitely keep checking this author out!

4.5 out of 5 stars


Patrick Reuman is a writer and currently in college to study biotechnology. He has been writing ever since he was 16 when a school assignment pushed his imagination toward creating his own stories. He has one child, a son, named Aidan. He hopes to continue chasing his dreams of writing while pursuing a future in science.


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