Teaser for Illicit by M.N. Forgy

Illicit by M.N. Forgy releases on July 27th!
**Can be read as a standalone**

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Kim's Review of #1 - #3:

M.N. Forgy's "Reign" is the first tale in the Sin City Outlaws series. Zeek is the Vice President of the Sin City Outlaws, an outlaw MC in Las Vegas, Nevada. His dad has been arrested and people keep being taken down while he's away. His uncle and him come up with a plan to take him down in jail so maybe more won't go down. Zeek then takes over as president and all goes quiet, well quiet for them. They still raise hell in sin city. Jillian Adams is a rookie with the Clark County Sheriff's and is out on the road with her step-dad Lieutenant Oaks when they are called to a disturbance at a casino. Of course it had to be the Sin city Outlaws raising hell. Jillian of course goes to arrest Zeek for the blood staining his skin and his bloody hands. Lt. Oaks tries to stop her. Zeek and Jillian have words before Lt. Oaks talks her into leaving Zeek alone. Zeek and Jillian's words have sparked something in the other one leaving them think of the what if's, that if they weren't a cop and an outlaw. Follow them as their lives twist and turn and see if sparks can fly with an outlaw and a cop. This is a MUST READ!!!!
5 out of 5 stars

M.N. Forgy's "Mercy" is the second tale in the Sin City Outlaws series. Jillian and Zeek are on the run from the Las Vegas police and the Sin City Outlaws, headed up by Zeek's Uncle Frank. He made Zeek shoot Jillian's step dad then they fled the city and eventually the state. They were headed to Los Angeles where Zeek's little brother, Phillip is. Phillip belongs to the Devil's Dust MC and they're not friendly with The Sin City Outlaws or Zeek. They steal a truck from an out of the way house and leave the patrol car behind. Jillian keeps trying to get away from Zeek with no luck. He's been keeping her cuffed so she can't run. They end up running out of gas and head to a motel where they take a older couple hostage for food, a shower and a place to crash for the night. The couple ends up helping them and giving Jillian clothes and they steal a car and head to LA. Zeek contact one of his former dealers and gets a place to crash for a few days until they can get to Lip. When they get to the Devil's Dust all hell breaks loose and Lip almost kills Zeek as retribution for their altercation a few months before when Zeek killed one of their members. The FBI busts in and Zeek and Jillian hide in the attic, but not well enough. One of Jillian's former co-workers is there to take her in but then hands her off to Frank and goes back to Vegas. Zeek and the Devil's Dust make a deal and go after her. The fight that ensues goes awry when Frank tells Zeek that Jillian is pregnant and he will never see the kid of Jillian again. Find out what happens in this crazy wild ride!!!!

5 out of 5 stars

M.N. Forgy's "Retaliate" is the third tale in the Sin City Outlaws series. Alessandra became a cop after her dad. Felix is the Vice President of the Sin City Outlaws. Felix has been picking up the slack since Zeek doesn't want to be away from Jillian since she is pregnant with his twins. What happens when the whole club is threatened and that includes Alessandra because of Jillian? Felix gets put on babysitting duty, which he doesn't like since she's a cop. Can a cop and a dirty biker get along, or will they fight to kill. Find out in this awesome read!!!

5 out of 5 stars


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