Review for Jay Creedy by Bonny Capps

Jay Creedy

Bonny Capps

Genre: Paranormal Romance


All that lovey-dovey mushy stuff is for the birds, right? This isn't your average love story. Actually, it isn't your average anything. Meet Aubrey. She's young and vivacious, witty and snarky. Raised only by her father since the tender age of six after the brutal murder of her mother, she's tough as nails and ready to take on the world with two fists.

She's bored in her small town of Tinselton, PA - where the only interesting things happening are car wrecks and high school football. That is until she stumbles upon a handsome stranger at the bar that she works nights. He's mysterious. He's hot. He's an asshole. Aubrey tries to go on with life, but she can't keep the thoughts of him at bay. Then, Tinselton gets a shakeup. The beloved cross that looks down on her small town is defaced with what looks to be blood. It's a message scribed in a different language - but what does it all mean?

Just as her mind begins screaming for answers, she sees him again. His name is Jay Creedy, and he's ready to take her on a wild ride - she just doesn't know it yet. Are you ready for twists and turns? The uncovering of a corrupt government and the forces behind it? Unconventional angels and nasty derelict demons? Well, then this is the story for you.

**This novel is intended for people over the age of eighteen due to drug/alcohol use, profanity and
sexual encounters.**

This is the first book of the Jay Creedy duology. The second installment will be made available early 2016. The second instalment will be from a different character's POV. You could read this as a standalone if you wish to have the story end with Aubrey and Jay. However, as usual - there is always more to the story!

This book is heavily based on religion and faith; the views in this novel could be deemed unconventional by those of faith. Please note this before purchase.

My Review

Bonny Capps' "Jay Creedy" is the first book in a two-book series. The author's writing style is amazing! I could not put this down and the world around me disappeared for the entire time I was reading this. I can not wait for the second book! I love the depth of the characters and the story line. The version I read needed a smidge more copy editing.

4.5 out of 5 stars

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About Author

I've been labeled many things: eccentric, a hippie, a lover, a fighter... But most importantly a mother first, a wife second and a writer third. I was originally born and raised in Texas. I currently do not have a set home. For me, home is where you lie your head - the next location unknown. Seven months ago, my two boys and I decided to hop on the semi with the hubby and travel the United States. The experience has been liberating.

Writing is my heart and soul. I started writing poetry when I was a kid. It was a great outlet for me. I went through a lot in my younger years, and when I decided to give writing a shot, it came naturally. In fact, when I was upset I would write letters to others because the words could never escape my tongue. I found that the thoughts swirling in my mind would spill onto paper, and honestly - writing saved my life.

I didn't think writing a novel was a possibility. I tried for years and could never get past the 2nd paragraph. So, in turn, I stopped writing all together - for years. I fell into a hopeless call center job and my soul felt drained. One day, on my way to said job an idea spilled into the forefront of my mind. Her name was Mandy, and she was screaming for attention. I couldn't ignore her, so I parked my car and starting writing her story. Six months later, "The Boy in the Mirror" was born. Characters started clawing their way from the depths of my mind after that, and I thought - wow, this is it. This is where I belong. This is my calling.

I love adding a magical element to my stories. Where things may seem hopeless, there's so much more than what meets the eye. Magic comes in so many different forms, but most importantly, you can find magic in the goodness of humanity. My stories focus on different issues that we all may face in our lives. I love writing about characters who are crippled, but they find a way to overcome their dilemmas.

I write young adult, new adult, erotica, horror, dark... I write what comes to me. The stories that scream to be written - they find a way on paper. It is my honor to bring these characters to you and their stories.



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