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A vow to the dead…the mark of the Hunt…a love with one chance to survive.
In the slice of a moment, Ian Callahan lost everything he cared about—a deed done by his own hand. He awakens on the edge of sanity, chained in his own personal hell. He is to be the newest rider in the Wild Hunt, if he can learn to control the rage and guilt that consume him.
Then…a whiff of vanilla. The face of a lover he’s seen only in his dreams. He doesn’t know her name, only that she stirs the hungry beast within him.
For a millennium, Tegan and her sibling riders of the Wild Hunt were imprisoned, suffering under a curse meant for the Unseelie Court. Though her body is free, she carries the curse with her—and the additional burden of finally knowing the name of her destined mate. A human named Ian Callahan.
He’s her Trojan horse, the only one who can heal her heart. Just one last challenge stands in the way of claiming each other, once and for all. Failure means facing eternity the incomplete halves of a whole.
Warning: Contains a hero who’s more than just the total…package. And a daughter of the Underworld who thought she knew what Hell was…until she fell in love. Boundaries of monogamy pushed, pulled, stretched—but never broken.

Shawna's Review

Nancy Corrigan’s Hunter Forsaken is book two in the Wild Hunt series, and what a book it was. I was hooked from the beginning and cant wait for the next installment. In this book Harley's brother Ian  finally finds the woman who has been tormenting him in his dreams for the past few years. He has wanted her so badly and now she has become a reality. Tegan spent a millennium being continuously tortured and killed because of a curse and since her release her only solace it her dream man who has now become a reality.  The only problem is that she has played the game of loved and was played very well by her ex who didn't truly love her, all he wanted was immortality and did whatever he had to to get it. Not Tegan is scared of getting hurt and doesnt want to put her trust in another man. Can she move past that fear so she can find true love?

This was a great book that had me hooked from the beginning. Nancy Corrigan is great at telling theses stories with such detail that you feel like you are in the book. I cant wait to get even deeper into this new world she has created.

5 out of 5 stars

“You’re Calan’s sister?” She slid her fingers to the column of his neck. “Half sister, yes. All the riders of the Hunt were fathered by Arawn.” She grinned, showing off straight white teeth. “Besides you, of course.” He swallowed hard. The mention of the Lord of the Underworld put a whole new spin on Tegan’s heritage. “You’re a demigod.” Not just any lesser god either. She’d been fathered by the black-skinned, winged creature he’d seen when he joined the Hunt. Arawn’s image had appeared inside his head, much like Tegan’s had over the years they’d visited each other. The sight of him hadn’t bothered Ian. Knowing his dream lover carried Arawn’s genes did. “Yes, I—” “You knew me before I joined the Hunt, didn’t you?” He had to be sure she’d participated in his dreams, that it wasn’t only his imagination. Her nostrils flared. “I don’t—” “Yes or no, Tegan. Have you invaded my dreams for the past three years?” Making me yearn for you? She leaned over him. Inches from his face, she leveled a hard glare at him. “Yes. We shared the same dream, but don’t interrupt me. Ever. I don’t like it.” He filed the information away and dropped his attention from her irritated eyes to her lips. He licked his. No matter what other form she could take or who her parents were, she was still the woman who’d made him question everything. He wanted to know why she’d connected with him. Beyond that, he wasn’t sure how he felt about knowing she was actually alive. He wavered between wanting to fuck her and punishing her for messing with his life. “I know how you like to be touched. Loved.” He glanced into her eyes. The same look of smoldering desire she’d worn for him whenever he’d connected with her darkened them. More black than brown, they captivated him. They had from the first moment he’d peered into them. “Don’t I?” “You don’t know anything about me, Ian.” The animosity in her voice didn’t match the scent of her arousal or her quickened heartbeat. He didn’t understand where her anger was coming from. “But I want to. I want to know every detail.” Then and only then would he decide what to do about her. “Kiss me.” She bent closer but remained out of reach. Her breath heated his lips. Vanilla, the tempting and addicting scent he’d craved as much as the woman, invaded his lungs. He strained to close the slight distance. She remained out of reach. He growled. She pulled back with a grin plastered on her sultry mouth. “Is that my warning?” Although still mainly human, the acceptance of the Huntsman’s mark had altered certain aspects of his body. He acted more animal than man at times. The low rumbling deep in his chest proved it. “Yes.” He allowed another growl to trickle from his lips. “Kiss. Me. Now.” She skimmed her parted lips across his cheek. The simple touch rocked him. He froze. At his ear, she caught his earlobe between her teeth and tugged, tearing a rough sound from him. “We’re going to have to work on your obedience, Hunter Ian. You don’t order me around. That’s my job.” Her sultry voice tightened his balls. Her words, though, pissed him the fuck off. “Between us, the only power you have over me is what I give you.” She chuckled. “Is that so?” “Yes.” She straightened and skimmed her heated gaze over him. His skin tingled under her focused perusal. With a single finger, she traced the length of his arm from shoulder to wrist. She tapped the cuff locking him to the bed. “These turn the tables, don’t you think?”
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Shawna's Review

Hunter Sacrificed is a prequel Novella of the Wild Hunt series. This book tells the story of Arawn and how it came that he sired his children of the Wild Hunt. In this book you see that sometimes duty must come before love and when you chose love over duty things beyond your control happen. This is what happened to Arawn and because of it the human realm and beyond will pay the price for his mistake. There is only one thing he can do to fix it, but to do so might cost him the love of his life.

I love knowing how it all started and it may be short but it was still just as addicting as the others. I absolutely love this series and hope that one day she will revisit Arawn and Minerva and their love story.

5 out of 5 stars

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Shawna's Review

Hunter Deceived is the first book in the Wild hunt series by Nancy Corrigan. Harley doesn't know why she is treated differently than her brothers all her life. Her dad says its because she is a girl but her mom says is because of the bad in her. The night she finally decides to run away and live her own life, the life she knew comes to an end and a new, scarier, life on the run begins. 

Calan is the leader of the wild hunt, a group of half-brothers and sisters (all sired by Arawn) that travel the human realm and kill the Unseelie before they can harm the humans. Never did he think the one he would fall in love with and the one who has the power to free his family would also be one of the ones he was created to kill.

I was hooked from the beginning of this book and could not put it down until I was finished. I fell into a reading slump and this book/ series has brought me out of it. I can’t wait for more of these books.

5 out of 5 stars

AboutTheAuthor A true romantic at heart, Nancy Corrigan is convinced there’s a knight in shining armor for every woman (or man), but you won’t find damsels in distress in her stories. She adores pairing alpha heroes with women strong enough to match them and bring them to their knees. She also enjoys flipping the traditional roles in romances because her motto is—love and people should never be forced to conform to anyone’s norm. She holds a degree in chemistry and has worked in research but now focuses on ensuring quality. She considers it the perfect outlet for her as she’s the first to admit she has some OCD tendencies. It carries over into her writing life too. While engrossed in a novel, she has a habit of forgetting to eat and sleep. Fortunately, she’s married to her own knight in shining armor who understands her oddities and loves her anyway. They reside in Pennsylvania with their three children, dog, snake and guinea pigs. Her other interests include tattoos, animals, classic cars and all things spooky and sexy. AuthorLinks WebsiteNewsletterPinterestOUAA_SocialMedia_FacebookAmazonTwitter tour-host-ouaa 


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