Review for Treasure of the Umbrunna by Fred Rayworth

Note: This is *not* a romance novel, it's a fantasy.

Meleena goes through life one picked pocket at a time. With a wild heart, she spends each night with a different man, often waking up in strange places. When she goes after a valuable pearl hidden in a lost city called Slab, she figures this is the way to the easy life. An old magick user named Grel may hold the key to finding this pearl. He insists she not go alone if she hopes to survive the quest. Despite having second thoughts and an aversion to working with others, she gathers a team and heads for the lost city. However, she isn’t the only one after the pearl. Now Meleena finds herself in a race to get to the treasure first. 

All Meleena wants is to get rich, but in the end will she sacrifice all to help another?

My Review

Fred Rayworth's "Treasure of the Umbrunna" is a great read. I don't usually read this genre, so I don't have much to compare it to. Imagine Wizard of Oz plus Goonies plus Princess Bride. It flows really well and so even though it's very long and detailed, it goes by fast. loved the team of characters and the mythology. There are lots of great twists and turns. I will definitely read this author again.

5 out of 5 stars


About the Author

Fred Rayworth found his passion for writing in 1995. He’s so far completed eleven full-length novels and is currently working on number twelve, in genres including science fiction, icky bug (horror), adventure/thriller and fantasy. Multiple short horror stories made it to publication including The House, which appeared in the anthology Between the Pages, 2003, The Walk Home in Writer’s Bloc 2006, and The Basement in Writer’s Bloc II, 2008. His short science fiction story Fun In The Outland appeared in the anthology First Voyage in 2008 while his short fantasy story Don’t Mess With A Snorg saw publication in the anthology A World of Their Own in 2009. His autobiographical short story Galf appeared in the anthology Writer’s Bloc IV, 2012 and his short autobiographical story Dye-No-Myte appeared in Writer’s Bloc V in 2014. His latest supernatural short story, The Mine Pit was selected for Writer’s Bloc VI 2015.

Meleena’s Adventures – Treasure Of The Umbrunna is his first fantasy novel and he just finished the sequel (novel eleven). He also writes a weekly autobiographical article for the Sunday edition of the Let’s Talk Nevada web site and has published numerous non-fiction articles on amateur astronomy including co-founding and editing the Observer’s Challenge for the Las Vegas Astronomical Society. When not writing, he can be found either making something out of wood in his garage or out under a dark sky pursuing faint fuzzy objects with his telescope. You can read his writing tips and other adventures at


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