Cover Reveal for Letting Go of You by J.M. Witt

Cover Re-Reveal
Letting Go of You (Anchored Hearts Vol. 2)
By J.M. Witt

Letting Go of You will be the hardest decision of my life.
We were devoted and committed to one another. Secret clubs, family, friends, careers and undeniable chemistry filled our lives. Previous troubles seemed nonexistent. We were ready and willing for whatever life had to offer. Life was perfect. If only ‘perfect’ really existed.
What I didn’t expect was that one tragic event would trigger the demons you kept hidden from me. I had to decide if I could live with not knowing your secrets. And just when I thought we would make it through, another hurdle was placed in front of us. Tragedy, murder, first loves, old enemies, and death lingered at every turn.
Will your demons be the death of us? Or will my anchored heart be strong enough to hold on?
Only You ~Cassidy
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Kim's Review

J.M. Witt's "Letting Go of You" is tale #2 in the Anchored Hearts series. Follow Cassidy and James as they try to figure out their relationship. What happens when a blast from their past comes back to haunt them? What happens when Cassidy gets a promotion? What happens when all hell seems to break loos on them? Can they stand the test of time, or will they crash and burn in the process? Find in this part of the series.

5 out of 5 stars
J.M. Witt
Residing in Metro Detroit, International Bestselling Author J. M. started writing poetry and short stories as a young girl. Rediscovering her love of reading, after having her fourth child, she started writing again. She also works full time as an Office Manager for a large landscaping company.Letting Go, her first publication, was released in December 2013 and My Secret Submission, her 9th, was published in May 2016. She enjoys music, time with friends, sarcasm, concerts, spending time with her children and husband, traveling, and getting lost in a good book. And if you ask nicely, she might show you her flogger and let you sample it.
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