Reviews for Eve Langlais' Space Gypsy Chronicles #1-#3

Travel the galaxy with this gypsy pirate as he looks for treasure and finds trouble instead. The universe might be out to get him, but he's not giving in without a fight.

Earth: a space pirate's dream when it comes to booty, but not a good place to hide when bounty hunters come looking. Escaping amidst a hail of fire, Rafe finds himself stuck with a human passenger who seems to think she can order him around. She'll soon learn who's the captain.

And it isn't Annabelle, his bossy ship.

Rafe is on a quest for treasure, a secret hunt for artifacts that will take him to the far reaches of space, and test his limits...

Includes: Coarse language, violence, sexual situations and alien contact.

Shawna's Review of #1:

Book one in the Space Gypsy Chronicles, Pirate, is where the adventure starts and you get to meet the two main characters Rafe and Emma. These two grow on you quickly with their sassy attitudes, dirty minds and a connection that, no matter how hard Emma tries, neither can ignore. Join them as they set off to see things Emma never imagined could be real and get into the type of trouble Rafe practically begs to get into.

5 out of 5 stars


All he remembers is how to survive.

Waking up not knowing his name probably isn’t the worst thing that ever happened to him. I think. With no memories, he can’t know for sure, and while he chases the thin threads of recollection, he must fight for his life in Lac’uus.

Also known as the pit, Lac’uus is where those with vices come to play. Except he’s not one of the buyers. Sold to pay a debt, Oblivion must fight if he wants to survive and prove cunning if he wants to escape.

Or…he could just stay.

There is no denying the intoxicating adrenaline of the fights, the females offered as prizes alluring. And he might have been content with his lot in life if not for the new concubine who glares at him with such accusation.

The female, a human from Earth, acts as if she knows him. Responds with soft gasps to his touch. She claims they share an intimate past, a past he doesn’t remember but has certainly betrayed with his sins.

But he won’t apologize for what he’s done. The rules are different in the pit, and Oblivion does what he must to survive until the day his memories come smashing back and the sinner must face his past.

Shawna's Review of #2:

Book two in the Space Gypsy Chronicles, Sinner, is where the real good stuff starts. After a while in Space showing Emma the ropes and following Rafe’s obsession with what looks like pieces of junk their good luck ends and they end up on a moon that doubles as a fighting pit. All a man can do there is fight to stay alive while all a woman can do there is, well, pleasure the winners. This is probably my favorite of the books because not only is it where things get interesting and the real plot comes to life but it is also where you get to meet all the secondary characters that will follow you through the rest of the series. And OMG the twist is awesome! I think I said HolyShizzle pretty loud when I got to the big surprise and I am sure you will too. My favorite part though is where I got to meet my hunk in this series, Mikhail. Trust me you will love him too. The heat gets turned up in this one and things get serious but there is still the quick wit and sassy attitudes of all the characters that you will love. To add to it there are shocking revelations and even more questions about the unknown that will do nothing but make you hurry to read the next book.

5 out of 5 stars


Prophecy says he’s the one who will find the lost Rhomanii homeworld. 

Fate has governed his whole life.

But he’s not letting it control his future.

Prophesied as both the Rhomanii leader that will unite the clans and lead them home, as well as the destroyer, Rafe returns to the mighty wheel his clan calls home with the artifacts he’s collected along the way. Only there are forces working against him, and his uncle, the arch duke of the enclave, is out for blood.

Older, wiser, and most decidedly deadlier, Rafe is determined to solve the mystery and complete the puzzle, but his love life is a bloody mess, his double—the annoying usurper, Mikhail—thwarts his every move, and nothing goes as planned. Especially when there are rumors that entire families have gone silent, and he feels the weight of the one foretold to uncover the Rhomanii’s hidden path home.

The forces for and against Rafe are rallying, but is rebellion the only solution?

Shawna's Review of #3:

Book three in the Space Gypsy Chronicles, Rebel, is where things go from bad to worse. Or should I say from interesting to holding on to your chair exciting. After their escape from the Pit what’s the worst that could happen? Ohhh, how about their ship blows up and they are forced to be picked up by the one person, or should I say group of people that they want nothing to do with. Now that his pieces of the so-called map AKA pieces of junk, have been stolen all Rafe can do is follow them to a location he hoped to never return to, home. So many shocking revelations are brought to light in this book that it keeps you on your toes and itching to turn the page to know more. I will say the characters I met in this book are not as well loved by me as the ones from the previous books but luckily they come along for the ride. You still have the sassy, sexy, hilarious trio I have come to love along with their frenemies. Who I must say I have quite a few issues with… even Fred is on my bad side, I think he’s just as bad as JD, but I won’t know until the next book, King.

5 out of 5 stars


About the Author

Eve Langlais is a multi New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author who offers paranormal and science fiction romance, usually with a twist. She is hybrid author with over 90 titles published in a variety of formats including ebook, print and audio. She also has works contracted with St. Martin's Press. She currently lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband and three children and is a member of ORWA, SFWA and NINC.

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