Cover Reveal for The C Word by Kerry Heavens

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“You must keep it inside.

You must never let it out.

It must never gain control.

Let it be who you are and you will lose everything.

Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, Sir.”


It’s a way of life for Max McQueen.

It doesn't come easy, but he thought he had it mastered.

Until now

Now nothing works

It’s slipping away

He must find a way to get it back

Or he risks losing everything.

It’s just a word.

But it’s the thing he needs most of all.

It’s what holds him together.

Or is it what holds him back?


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        About the Author         Kerry Heavens

Terrible wife

Mediocre mother

Appalling housewife

Fashion graduate

Wedding co-ordinator

Sex toy salesperson

Shop manager


Font collector

Romance addict

Fancier of nice men

Ok, fancier of almost all men

Awesome cupcake baker

Incessant singer

Film buff



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