Review for Falling Stars (Falling Stars #1) by Sadie Grubor

Falling Stars

By Sadie Grubor

Book 1 in the Falling Stars Series

Chris isn't on board for an all-girl opening band, which he refers to as The Vagina Bunch. But the 

ghosts that haunt Chris find solace in one extremely talented singer with dark brown hair and a 

Kermit the Frog guitar. His plan to remove them from his tour turns into a fight to keep her in 

any possible way she'll allow.

Kim's Review

Sadie Grubor's "Falling Stars" is the #1 story in the Falling Stars series. Christopher Mason is a rock god. Him and his band The Forgotten are at the top of their game professionally. Personally is another story. You know what they say... sex, drugs, and rock and roll. He does all of the above, daily. Follow The Forgotten as they are told by their label puts together a new tour and adds an all girl band to be their opener. Christopher doesn't want anything to do with them, let alone them be on HIS tour. Watch as he schemes to get rid of them, and what happens when he realizes the lead singer, Mia helps him with his demons of the past. What happens when Christopher is pushed too far and he falls over the edge and pushes Mia away? Find out in this awesome read.

5 out of 5 stars


HITS (Hidden in the Stars)

By Sadie Grubor

Book 2 in the Falling Stars Series

Jackson Shaw is the lead rhythm guitarist for the chart topping rock band The Forgotten.  He's 

also the step-brother of their lead singer, Christopher Mason. Jack's had his heart shredded by 

a girl he thought was The One. Drowning his heartache in alcohol, women, and drugs, Jack 

hides his heart in a sea of fellow stars.

That is, until he meets Miz Liz. A woman who's perfected the art of teasing and ensnaring her 

audience with leather, lace, satin, and a voice like a siren's call.  She turns on all the right body 

parts, but also rejuvenates one particular muscle in his chest that he was sure he could keep 


Eliza Campbell is a single mother who will do whatever it takes to support her family.  Even if 

that means giving up on the dreams she's had since she was a child. Stubbornly independent at 

times, Liza's carefully scheduled days and plans aren't ready for almost seven feet of dirty, 

rocking, tattoo covered Jackson Shaw.  But then again, one night won't change everything.

Kim also reviewed #2:

Sadie Grubor's "H.I.T.S." is the #2 story in the Falling Stars series. Jackson Shaw's life is a mess. He can't seem to get his life together after his very public breakup. What happens when he goes to LA for work, but finds a hot burlesque singer instead? Liza, a single mom and burlesque singer is doing everything for the 2 men in her life, he son and her little brother. At only 25 years old she has the world on her shoulders. What happens when she meets The Forgotten's Jackson Shaw, all almost 7 feet of tattooed hotness? Sparks will fly that's for sure. This is a MUST READ book!!!!

5 out of 5 stars


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Sadie Grubor:  Author

A self-professed foul mouthed book nerd, who reads everything from Y/A to Erotica to Horror.

She embraces her inner awkward trashy girl and brings her inappropriate and immature humor

to most of her books.

Currently working on a novella and the next full length book in the Falling Stars series, she also

has plans for a series based in Central Pennsylvania with a group of men and women who spend

their time river camping, pontoon boating, and falling for the last person they ever dreamed.

She hopes to have upcoming releases in late fall and late winter of this year.

She invites you to stalk her, stalk her real hard. 


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