Review for Caledonia by Amy Hoff

Note: This is NOT a romance, it's paranormal read as well as a web series.

Police officer Leah Bishop receives an offer of transfer to a Glasgow branch of Interpol. She accepts, eager to leave her past behind. When she arrives at her new job, she quickly discovers that her fellow officers are monsters, and they have recruited her to help them solve a very human crime – the first serial killing of faeries. 

Scottish folklore interwoven with the dark reality of Glasgow, Caledonia follows Leah Bishop and her Victorian selkie partner Dorian Grey as they investigate supernatural crime in Scotland’s city of culture.


My Review

Amy Hoff's "Caledonia" is an interesting paranormal read. I learned a lot about Scottish folklore while reading this tale. I had no idea what a selkie was (or any of the other mythical creatures in this book). A quick and fun read for sure. Sort of like the TV show, Grimm, but with different creatures! I am going to have to try the web series! 

4.5 out of 5 stars


Web Series:

"Caledonia" is a series of novels, but only the first book has been released. However, season 2 of the web series is already available and based on the second novel, "Mortal Souls." There is an upcoming feature film based on the third book, "Burns Night." 







About the Author

Amy Hoff has been on the road for years. She used to drive across the US and live out of cheap motels, collecting stories. Eventually she kept going. She doesn't live anywhere; her home is the road, in whatever form that takes. Sunsets off the bow when she was a sailor, flying into Incheon International in Seoul, driving the lonely American highways, walking across borders in the Americas, in Europe and Asia. The stories of Scotland are her favourite, and she became a PhD researcher, an expert in Scottish monster stories. She still travels, and is now a researcher of monster folklore worldwide. Check out the darker parts of any pub, if you are ever washed up on strange shores. You might see her there, looking for stories to tell and be told.


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