Review for Taught #1 by Jenna Tyler

Taught - Jenna Tyler
Released - July 7, 2015

Marissa Mitchell loves her job as a first grade teacher. Dating a student’s father is the furthest thing from her mind, even forbidden…until she meets Brady James. His sexy and confident demeanor captivates her, his tattoos giving him that bad boy edge for which every woman drops their mouths—and panties.

When Marissa agrees to meet Brady for drinks, she could never imagine what she would walk into. Her world tilts when she learns what kinds of things make up the man before her, the kind of man she never knew she wanted.

I want him…beneath me, above me, behind me…inside me.

Taught: An erotic novelette series

Kim's Review

Jenna Tyler's "Taught" is the first tale in the Taught series. What happens when first time teacher, Marissa Mitchell meets up with first grader, Dylan's dad, Brady. What happens when Brady takes a liking to the new teacher and leaves his number? Will she call him, or think that it's unprofessional? What happens when she finds out who he is? What he does? What his lifestyle is? What happened to his ex? Find out in this quick, awesome read!

5 out of 5 stars


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