Review for Without End (Melrose Shops #1) by A.R. Senault

A turbulent, sexual renaissance is brewing on Melrose Avenue and it is about to be exposed.

Four tattooed and pierced, business owners are inspiring the revival from their barbershop on Melrose Ave. Dr. Claudette Boucher, popular radio personality and sex therapist, gets caught up in the resurgence when she’s commissioned to write an article about unusual places to find a date in Los Angeles. After meeting Dino Pantopoulos, she knows she’ll get more than just her name published.

Without End will have you laughing, crying, and wishing desperately for an elevator to open and change your life.

Kim's Review

A.R. Senault's "Without End" is the first tale in the Melrose Shops series. Dr. Claudette Boucher is hired by Spencer Marks to write a column for one of his many magazines. What happens when she is on her way to meet up with him to talk about the article he wants her to do on a street in Hollywood that people seem to meet and fall in love? What happens when she runs into 4 handsome men in the elevator on her way to meet Spencer? Will she find love on this very street she is trying to write about? Does she want love? What's so special about this particular block? This book had me laughing in so many places I absolutely loved it! The banter with some of the characters is priceless, especially Dino and his daily question to Claudette. This is a MUST READ series!!!

5 out of 5 stars


Thalia Frederickson has a new lease on life. Finally, free from the Devil, but never far from her demons. She landed the hottest piece of real estate for her shop, Rock Your Cakes and Cupcakes. Unexpectedly, her salvation works two doors away, in the form of a brooding, tattooed Angel.
The new shop on Melrose has something to offer that BB Bartholomew cannot resist.  His sweet tooth is ready, but nothing can prepare him for the frightened and adorable little baker.
Can BB put down his whips for love? Will Thalia give BB the chance to show his feelings, WITHOUT WORDS?

Author Information

Author of the wildly funny and sensual Melrose shops novels, WITHOUT END and WITHOUT WORDS.

To escape the pressures of life, I began writing.  Creating a flawed, yet perfectly endearing man was my escape.  Realizing I could create more than one, was my salvation.

I enjoy traveling, reading, listening to music, and hiking.  I’d rather go to Yosemite or the Sequoias for a family vacation than stand in line at an amusement park.  I don’t mind getting dirty, I’ll often chose beer over wine, and I’m a diehard sports spectator.  Yet, I also harbor a healthy appreciation for the smell of Nordstrom department stores, theater, the ballet, modern dance, concerts, pricey sunglasses, a perfect martini, and designer shoes.

I appreciate feedback and encourage readers to enter a library every so often to smell the books, while still embracing the wonderful Exploratorium of ebooks.  Times-r-a-changing and we need to remain current, but there is no harm in remembering where we came from.


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