Promo for Cherry Stem and the Pissed-off Ghost by Sotia Lazu

Cherry Stem and the Pissed-off Ghost
(Paranormal Vampire Investigator – Book 1)

Print Length: 220 pages (42K words)
Publisher: Acelette Press
Publication Date: November 21, 2017
Price: $2.99 99c until December!

NOTE: Although the book picks up after the Vampire Cherry trilogy and contains spoilers, you don’t need to have read that (but you may want to check out the FREE novelette Cherry Christmas, which takes place between the two series)

In the past, Cherry let her undead status hold her back, but not anymore. After all, a vampire is perfectly placed to run a paranormal detective agency. Right?

The problem is her latest client is dead. And pissed off. And with a severe case of memory loss.

Constantine and Alex—one the immortal love of her unlife, the other her human friend with benefits—want to help, but Cherry’s the only one who can see the dearly departed, and that puts her in the eye of the storm.

Just when she thought she was done with drama...

“You, stop talking,” I told the guys. I turned to the ghost. “What’s your name?”
“I. Don’t. Know.” Frustration lined her words, and she flickered brighter, until she looked almost corporeal.
I hadn’t met a ghost with amnesia before. Of course with my limited sample, there were all kinds of ghosts I hadn’t met. “Did you know who you were while you were alive?”
She pursed her lips.
I said, “I’m sorry. That was stupid. Do you remember anything from before you died? Do you know why you’re still here?”
“No.” She was fading again.
“Any clue where your body is?”
She shook her head, and her long blonde tresses swirled around her.
I huffed. “What’s the last thing you remember before you came here?”
“The man. He said you could help. I was afraid. Darkness all around. He glowed, and he was warm, and he pointed me to you.”
“Did he tell you his name?” Constantine asked.
The woman shook her head again.
“Can you describe him?”
She scrunched her nose. “He was young. Blue eyes. Big smile.”
“He could be anyone,” I sent Constantine.
He nodded, but I picked up Wesley’s face from his thoughts.
“He’s been gone for months,” I said in his head. And when we saw his ghost, he looked the age he’d been when he passed—ancient. He’d also crossed over when his loose end was tied up neatly with my return to the mansion.
“I know.” Constantine’s mental voice sounded glum.
I turned to the woman again. “What exactly did he tell you?”
She blinked out of sight.

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