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Sexy Nerds+Sexier Threesomes=Happily Every After

Release Day For The Nerds and The CEO

A Stand Alone #GeekLove MMF Menage Romance

As long as Antonio has Justin and the Silicon Valley start-up they built together, Antonio’s content to hide his true feelings. He’d rather keep Justin’s friendship than confess his love and lose everything.

But Justin’s gotten careless with their business.

The board of directors sends them Emily, a contract developer, to ensure their rules are being followed. Justin doesn’t expect her to be the one-night stand he played out the scorching fantasy with, of sharing her with Antonio.

As long hours and tight deadlines push the three closer together, they heat up keyboards and the sheets. If their private hookups become public knowledge, she’ll lose her job, they’ll lose their company, and the three will be torn apart before they discover if all of them can find happily-ever-after together.

My Review

Allyson Lindt's "The Nerds and the CEO" is the first tale in The Nerd Love Equation series. The characters are very well-written, as usual with Allyson Lindt. Emily is an amazing leading lady and holy smokes Justin and Antonio are hawt! This story feels like a fugue with escalating themes...such a great set of developments in this storyline. The sexy scenes are scorching hot! I just love these nerdy love stories! I can't wait to read the whole series!

4.5 out of 5 stars


Antonio glanced at Emily and did a double-take at the tease of satin. She wore a green nightgown trimmed with lace. The brilliant emerald matched her eyes, and the black was a stunning contrast to her pale skin. “You two do this a lot?” she asked.
She stood next to him in the doorway, while Justin slept on one of his office couches. It was one of the few times Antonio had seen him recently without stress lining his face.

“We used to.” He couldn’t force his gaze to her face. Her breasts were pressed together and up, swelling with each breath, and her negligee barely covered her ass. As the blood rushed from his head and to his lower extremities, he struggled to find the brain power to speak. “I’d be happy if we never had to do it again, but it’s worth it, if things pay off.”

“What things?”

His mind caught up before his mouth ran too far, and he stopped himself from mentioning their side project. “You know what things.” He kept his tone light and playful. “Same you’re here for.”

“Then you should have let me help.” She shifted her weight, giving him a generous view of cleavage. A trail of freckles ran along her collarbone, ending in a V at her neckline, as if the sun had planted each one.

He needed to distract her from the subject. That would put them on an equal playing field. “You and him.” Antonio nodded at Justin’s sleeping form. “How was it?” A tiny portion of him knew the question was inappropriate, but it made as much sense as Emily standing in the middle of the office in lingerie. What the hell—he was going with it.

“Hmm.” She twisted her full lips, and his cock throbbed. “Are you asking how I was, or how he was? The answer to the latter—incredible. Everything you’ve dreamed of.”

He’d dreamed of a lot. “What if I wanted the answer to the former as well?”

“You’d have to ask Justin.”

Antonio dragged a finger along her jaw, to her chin, to lift her head. “I’d rather find out for myself.”
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The Nerds and The Matchmaker

A Stand Alone #GeekLove MMF Menage Romance

Cynthia’s dating service is one-of-a-kind. A combination of old-fashioned matchmaking and high-end computer algorithms, she guarantees her matches. However, she needs an infusion of cash to stay afloat long enough to prove her theories work.

No investment firm in town is nibbling, until she meets Aaron and Gavin. They’re willing to give her a shot, on one condition—she has to prove her algorithm works by matching each of them.

Their cocky attitudes and desire to flirt with anyone and everyone make Gavin and Aaron the kind of candidates Cynthia usually turns away without question. But with her business and dream on the line, she’ll make an exception, reminding herself every step of the way there’s a reason she never plugs herself into the algorithm, and she’s not going to make an exception for the men who hold her company’s future in their hands.

My Review

Allyson Lindt's "The Nerds and the Matchmaker" is the second tale in The Nerd Love Equation series, but you can read it first or as a standalone, I did. I liked the matching algorithm and nerdy data stuff! Who else but Allyson Lindt is writing about sexy nerds? Gavin and Aaron are flawed and sexy. Such amazing relationships and *relations* (wink-wink-nudge-nudge) in this book. Super hot sexy scenes. Great character development. I can't wait to read #1. You can also get a taste of #3/#4 that are coming through her newsletter with "The Nerd and the Traveler."

4.5 out of 5 stars

About Allyson Lindt

Allyson Lindt is a full-time geek and a fuller-time contemporary romance author. She likes her stories with sweet geekiness and heavy spice, because cubicle dwellers need love too. She loves a sexy happily-ever-after and helping deserving cubicle dwellers find their futures together.

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